Streamline Your Workflow With is a cloud-based solution that combines an integration platform and a cloud database. It enables organizations to perform data synchronization, unleashing the true power of their data by creating a single source of truth (SSOT). helps organize data that’s scattered everywhere into a central database that works as an excellent starting point for thriving teamwork.

It supports cross-platform integration and automation across 1421 tools without coding. With, you can welcome a digital data synchronization standard and say goodbye to scattered data.

Streamline Workflow Boostspace


Why enables employees to use a central platform, saving the trouble and time associated with using multiple unconnected applications and IT tools. With its ability to interconnect individual modules, offers a detailed view of the organization, which individual applications and IT tools can’t.

How Works

Data is any business’s lifeblood. As a result, it’s vital that companies have an excellent way to store, manage and analyze it. That’s the point where becomes useful.

As a data centralization platform that enables businesses to unlock their data’s potential, allows businesses to collect information from different sources and synchronize it into a central location. This way, each digital operation in the business can be managed and streamlined effectively.

To streamline each digital operation, businesses need to collect and synchronize all their data from third-party IT tools into one source of truth. After that, they get central access to their data and then create automation workflows across multiple tools.

The next step is to build an aggregation database by choosing pre-made modules or with a no-code database builder.

Without encryption for every client, has created a distinct cloud solution on a secure server part. This converts businesses into impassable digital fortresses, together with a multilayered antivirus gate and SSL connection.

How To Use

It’s pretty straightforward to start using the platform for your organization. simply connects the tools you’re using, and the data is synchronized within a few minutes. After that, everything will be smooth sailing.

The cloud system will aggregate and consolidate data from all other IT tools you’re using, creating a master database. powers the integration engine so that you can easily automate your workflows across different applications effortlessly.

Inside, you can combine data from different tools, manage and enrich and transfer it back to your important tools such as PPC and Ad Manager, among others. has four main features that businesses use, which include Boost.collaboration, Boost.sales, and Boost.production, as well as,

Final Thoughts: Which Key Problem Does Solve?

Data centralization is a massive concern for modern businesses since it’s moving continuously between different systems and platforms. As a result, it’s difficult to track and manage data. offers a lasting solution to this problem.

The platform provides a solution for both data management and sharing through different features like data management, automation, integration, automated notifications, custom branding, labels and statuses, and custom field. Other features include a menu editor and mobile and desktop apps.

Streamline Workflow Boostspace


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