How To Strengthen The Perception Of Your Startup

Newly minted small businesses need every advantage they can in order to get ahead. One of the biggest obstacles they must face is the perception of being too small and inexperienced. Larger, more established competitors have the edge by virtue of their size and experience. Clients and customers will naturally be drawn to them and overlook the smaller alternatives.

With this in mind, it’s imperative for startups to take steps to strengthen the perception of their brand. While it might seem disingenuous to make your small business appear more established than it is, steps towards elevating the appearance of your brand is a traditional aspect of marketing. What’s more, the building blocks for doing so will help to legitimately strengthen your business potential. Let’s take a look at the ways to strengthen the perception of your startup.

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Professional Phone System

Automation and AI-augmentation have revolutionized the way in which business phone systems operate. This progress means a small business phone system like Dialpad Talk has the same level of sophistication as those used by larger organizations. This can be harnessed by startups to make themselves appear more established and experienced.

When potential clients or customers call your business number and encounter a layer of automation, they’re more likely to associate your brand with strength and success. Even if they’re immediately being connected to you on your iPhone, the experience is not lost on them. What’s more, as your startup grows, a professional phone system will become more than just a way to project sophistication.

Virtual Address

The world is a very big place. Some cities are simply more well known than others. If your small business is based in a relatively obscure place, consider the benefits of using a virtual address in a more noteworthy location. For example, a startup in Lawrence, Kansas might want to sign up for a virtual address in Chicago, Illinois.

This enables that business to present itself as one which operates out of a major metropolis. This, in turn, provides a veneer of legitimacy which appeals to potential clients and customers. Using a virtual address has benefits that go beyond mere appearances; mail to the virtual location can be scanned and viewed online, providing users with a practical means of correspondence when necessary.

Awesome Website

The look of a website says a lot about an organization. Simplistic layouts and uninspiring design aesthetics lead visitors to conclude the entity in which the site represents is unprofessional and amateur. With that said, cluttered and cumbersome websites are equally viewed as red flags for unreliability.

The goal is to ensure your company website is comparable to those of your more established competitors. The site should be clean, concise, and optimized for the user experience. This projects the professionalism your brand needs to convince potential clients and customers that what you offer is to the standard they expect.

Active Social Media

This is an essential part of any business in today’s market, regardless of industry or clientele. Staying active on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms is a baseline for projecting legitimacy as a business. Doing so makes your brand appear equal among your competitors who are no doubt making themselves visible on social media.

Fantastic Logo

A memorable and meaningful logo is a key ingredient in establishing legitimacy as a brand. Find a talented graphic designer in your price range and commission them to design a logo for your company. Discuss with them the details of the company and what you aim to provide consumers. Have them incorporate this with the name of the business.

Don’t be afraid to offer your own thoughts and feelings about how the logo should look, but avoid becoming an overbearing presence during the creative process. Once the logo is finished, make it the central focus of your website homepage, social media accounts, and packaging if applicable. An eye-catching logo will not only make your company stand out, but it will also imprint itself into the minds and memories of those whom you’re trying to reach as customers.

Startups strive to compete with their more established competition. To do so, they often need to project a level of strength and sophistication they have yet to achieve. By doing so, they help to ensure they will grow into the formidable enterprise they aspire to become.

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