Struggling Artist? – Here’s How To Advertise Your Work Online

Being an artist and having that feel like a profitable profession that puts food on the table might sound like a tall order, but many people have managed to accomplish this very feat. It takes a lot of hard work, practice, and a dash of self-promotion, but it is feasible. If you’re a freelance artist and would like to turn it into a full-time gig, or just quit the starving artist routine, then read on for more information on how to promote your work online.

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Start A Blog

A tried-and-true way of having your work reach the masses is to start a blog. Through this platform, you will be able to promote your work, sell art, and offer customer service. It might also be important to create a few, more personalized posts discussing your views on art, and what makes you “tick”.

This will help you connect with potential customers in a stronger, more genuine way. Furthermore, you can centralize all your content on a website, including a video or two, making it a more attractive site to visit. Not to mention, having a site will make your work easier to find online with a quick Google search.

Consider A Portfolio Website

Having your personal blog or website might be very helpful in many ways. At the same time, if you’re a painter, photographer, or graphic designer, you might want to create your artist portfolio website to showcase the full range of your talents. You will find several sites that offer specially-designed templates created to highlight your artwork so that third-party entities, such as advertisers, can check it out before they decide to hire you. You can also use a portfolio WordPress theme for this.

Join A Social Media Platform

Social media sites such as Instagram can help you build brand recognition incredibly fast. They have undoubtedly become an invaluable tool for many artists in communicating with prospective clients and business associates. Not only has social media fundamentally changed the ways we communicate, but it has also become a viable marketplace in itself.

Social networking is an important part of gaining exposure and transforming yourself from a starving artist to a successful one. You can get feedback on your work, receive immediate inspiration, and tap into opportunities that would have previously been inaccessible.

Look Into Online Forums

Speaking of social networking, another way to expand your “base” is to join art-related forums that focus on your area of specialty and become an active member of that community. There are plenty of online forums for artists, and you can simply sign up for the ones that home in on your area of expertise.

This way, you are getting your name out there and becoming a trusted name in the field, which, inevitably, can drive more traffic to your blog or social media accounts. There is a cyclical nature of online communication, so everything you do should be strategic, intentional, and relevant to your original business function.

If you’re tired of the slog, you’re not alone, but you can rest assured that there are ways to have your art reach the masses. It just takes time, diligence, and strategic use of online resources to help build a clientele base and turn your precious art into a viable business that can support you and your family.

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