Test Your Brand Recognition Abilities [Interactive Quiz]

These days, you would pretty much have to be living on the moon not to recognize the golden arches, the swoosh or the siren, the looping white script of Coca Cola, or the simple (yet effective) piece of fruit emblazoned on practically every other smartphone from here to eternity. Brand recognition is big business – with multinational companies spending at least as much to make sure you recognize their products as they do on the products themselves.

Kids are able to identify brands like Disney and McDonald’s before they can read (don’t worry it is a sign of intelligence). According to a 2010 study by researchers at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, and the University of Michigan the Google logo is so recognizable that its execs can even afford to decorate it with doodles whenever they please to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, heck, even the life of their beloved pet Labradoodle, which of course speaks of an incredible effort when it comes to brand recognition.

But what about uniforms? Do these carefully considered combinations of clothing pack the same distinguishing punch as the logos that we can so easily decode? Do we know our Starbucks from our Subway? Of course we do! As we go about our daily business, there’s no end to the number of uniforms we’ll spot. We see sandwich artists on their way to the office, and we start to experience a hankering for some Southwest Sauce, or a barista on a bicycle, and there’s no end to the lengths we’ll go to for a caramel macchiato. It is pure brand recognition all around.

Come to think of it, that’s not all they’re good for. They certainly save the embarrassment of asking the man that looks like he knows what he’s doing “do you have any more of these out back?” He doesn’t work there it’s mortifying, we feel silly.

So, why not put yourself to the test and see how many uniforms you can match to their brand with Blue Cotton’s Name That Uniform interactive quiz. Some are easy some are more difficult, but maybe (if you’re one of those observant types), you’ll score 24 out of 24. Is this a quiz you can ace? There’s only one way to find out!

Brand Recognition – Do You Recognize All Of These Brands?

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Brand Recognition Impact Quiz

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