Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Job Interview [Infographic]

Getting a job interview scheduled can be a challenge, but nailing it once you’ve got it is a whole different thing. It’s just one of life’s necessary evils that many people have to deal with each day. I admire people who are able to do well in the job interview process. It’s an art that some people have managed to master, but most people I know dread it. What if you could get some pointers to help out? These are things you need to know before your job interview.

Now that I think about it, there are probably lots of things you need to know before going into that job interview you have scheduled. That’s why it never hurts to do some research before the big day. This infographic called What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview by Classes and Careers has some of the basics covered when it comes to communication.

According to this, first impression is very important since most bosses know within the first 90 seconds of the interview whether or not they will hire that person. Also, from their survey of 2000 bosses, they found that 47% of bosses say that having little or no knowledge of the company is the most common mistake job seekers make during interviews (in other words, remember to do your homework). There are lots of other things you need to know too, and you can check out this infographic to see many of them.

The thing is, going on a job interview can be stressful and nerve-wracking. However, even though you feel like you are in the hot seat, potential employers still expect you to covey humor and a warm, enthusiastic personality. Like I said, I admire people who have mastered interviewing well. It’s truly an art form. Good luck!

Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Job Interview


Via: [Pinterest / Social@Ogilvy] Header Image: [Longmont Magazine]