Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes [Infographic]

Perfecting your job interview skills is vital if you want to be able to score a job these days. The fierce competition in the job market is relentless, and if you are not prepared, you run the risk of losing your job to someone else. It is a harsh reality, but there are of course ways you can eliminate the many job interview mistakes you might accidentally add to your otherwise perfect resume. That is exactly what we’ll take a look at in this article.

If you flunk a job interview just because of some interview mistakes, you are going to be an unhappy camper for a long time. Interview mistakes are easy to floss out and prevent if you know how to train properly for your job interview. There are plenty of resources and guides about how to score a job through an interview, but as the saying goes, it’s through the mistakes that we learn how to do things right.

An infographic that was presented to us by Independence University called Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes is a quick way to prepare yourself and weed out the most common mistakes you might make. I personally advise you to do some further research offline and online in order to make a solid first impression once you enter that job interview. Usually having self confidence and being knowledgeable is all it takes to grab the interviewer’s attention. With this infographic, you can fuel yourself with both since you will prevent yourself from looking like a complete noob.

After looking at this infographic, the thing that stands out the most, and what I think is the biggest mistake of all, is fiddling with your phone. In a smartphone driven society, like the one we’re living in today, it’s easy to bust out your phone just because you are used to it and because it’s a habit. It doesn’t only make you appear nervous, but you will also come across like you aren’t interested in the job itself. That is something that will put a large minus on your sheet when the interview is complete. Look through this list, memorize these top 10 job interview mistakes, and learn from the mistakes of others. That way, you will definitely have a greater chance of scoring the job you want so much.

Independence University’s Top 10 Interview Mistakes

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