Tips To Make Business Travel Simpler And Easier In 2018

For older generations, business travel was seen as anything but enjoyable. It was perceived as somewhat of a necessary evil, but younger workers have embraced the idea of traveling for work. They’ve even coined the term “bleisure” referring to a mix of business and leisure travel, which is increasingly popular.

Despite changing perceptions of business travel, if things don’t go according to plan it can become frustrating, to say the least. It can also become tiresome, which is why it’s valuable to have some tips and hacks in place to simplify the process and save your time and energy for more important things. The following are some tips to simplify your business travel in 2018.

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Use Rideshare Services

If at all possible, try to use a service like Uber or Lyft to get around when you travel for work. Renting a car can add extra time at the airport on both ends, and it tends to be more expensive than ridesharing unless you’re going to be driving long distances.

Look for rideshare discount codes before you leave town as well, so you’re prepared before getting to your destination, and you can save money.

Business Travel Apps

There is an app to help you with virtually anything you can imagine. There are some great options related to traveling. One of the best is called TripIt. With TripIt, users can organize all of their travel information including their meetings and appointments, their flights and their other reservation information in one unified place. This way, you’re not wasting time and scrambling around to find out where you need to be next and how you need to get there.

Some other tools you might think about in terms of travel apps would include a currency converter, and also an app to help you with expense reports and keeping track of your receipts when you’re away for business.

Take Advantages Of Lounges

Lounges are business travelers’ best friend, so see which ones you can go into based on the credit card you use or get a membership to a lounge collection that’s found in the airports you most frequently travel to.

Lounges aren’t just a place to relax. They offer you the opportunity to have a meal and get work done in a quiet environment so you can improve your productivity when you’re traveling for work.

Get Your GPS Ready

You want to get as much done as possible when you’re traveling for work, and maybe even have some time for leisure, so cut out the wasted time you might be spending looking for your locations.

Pre-program your GPS with everywhere you need to go before you leave. You can include all of the airports, hotels, places where meetings will be held and even restaurants where you have reservations. This will save you time when you’re on the ground, and you don’t have to worry about getting from place-to-place.

Finally, ensure that you bring a multi-device charger because most of the tips above aren’t going to work well without your devices being charged.

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