Top 10 Best Tools For Businesses & Startups In 2021

Startups and Businesses need constant growth and expansion to sustain the market environment. Numerous tools catering to various domains help you take on dynamic and complicated tasks.

Here is a list of such tools which will boost your performance and add value to the vital functions performed by any business.

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1. Confluence

Idea management tools are as necessary as finance management or employee management. These tools help in creativity, drafting plans, and keeping you tethered to your overarching organizational goal. Confluence is a tool crafted to facilitate organized innovation and meaningful collaboration, actionable strategies, and dedicated spaces.

Its robust knowledge management module allows your team members to search for relevant content required for the respective idea or innovation. It is convenient for the initial stages of a business or startup.

Don’t let your ideas falter.

2. AWS With Intelligent Discovery

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. However, it is a “pay for what you use” model and if not handled consciously, the cost for used services can bleed a business budget in weeks.

Intelligent Discovery is the premier solution for AWS cost optimization. This cost optimization tool does frequent, full inventory scans across all of your AWS accounts and all global regions and gives a single view of all assets along with current utilizations and current spend. Intelligent Discovery easily pinpoints over provisioned or unused services and makes suggestions on resizing and optimization and shows you exactly what you can save on the recommendations.

3. Foundersuite

Capital and funding are vital for any startup. A tool facilitating the same purpose would enhance the possibilities of securing good capital without the extra cost of time and effort. Foundersuite ushers structure, speed, and efficiency in fundraising. Its features allow for managing relations with investors, a searchable venture capitalist database, and a tool for drafting progress reports. It features a stack of Startup Docs, having a helpful set of templates, pitch decks, and other sub-tools to smoothen your fundraising endeavors.

4. Asana

Work coordination and management are crucial for all scales of businesses and startups. Ambiguity and duplication can increase costs and lower productivity. Asana is the remedy for an effective and robust project and work management.

This tool allows you to assign tasks per role, induct new members and keep a comprehensive track of progress with required analytics and reports. This helps you be on track and allows automation of workflow, saving time and efficiency. Coupling Asana with Slack can add an edge owing to the latter’s integrations with numerous applications and quick, organized conversations both face-to-face and face-to-screen.

5.   Hootsuite

Social media has become pivotal for marketing and research. A tool that centralizes all social media functions to a single dashboard allows for greater flexibility, time management, and increased productivity. Hootsuite is the one for this. It enables you to manage all social media networks and functions from a single interface.

You can schedule up to 30 posts across different platforms, engage with followers, measure the ROI of the social media campaigns and keep tabs on the impact. It also provides custom analytics for better control and has key flexible workflows and exportable reports. You can also link two RSS feeds, along with a host of other apps and startup tools.

6. MailChimp

Email marketing is a tool that gives $44 in return for every $1 spent. Combining this marketing step with an efficient management tool can increase the bar of revenues and rope in more customers. MailChimp is no amateur in this domain. Be it a new product or an introductory one, an effective email marketing campaign with MailChimp can leave the desired impact on buyer personas.

Startups and businesses require strategic planning and good response from any initiatives. MailChimp allows you to obtain the desired response, open rates, and clicks for your email marketing campaign. This increases the number of leads and revenue. It features landing pages, digital ads, postcards, automation, and insightful analytics. It can be integrated with other tools to enhance compatibility benefits.

7. is a sales automation tool, increasing your outbound sales team productivity. Contacting clients is easier and fruitful, along with Drip campaigns, mailbox automation, analysis, and tracking with regular stats. It also allows for fully customizable sales pipelines and automatic follow-ups with various integrations and syncing. It is the ultimate impetus to your sales figures.

8. BreezyHR

HR functions are tedious and often extensive. BreezyHR offers a comprehensive solution to all HR-related activities, from applicant tracking to candidate management. It has a seamless easy to use UI and is not restricted to the HR team alone. Anyone in the business involved in hiring can use it, and it has an automatic distribution network across all significant boards online. It also manages running payrolls, employee details and benefits, health insurance, and even business finances. HR functions simplified, automated with a breezy experience.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot is the prima donna in CRM and boosting conversion rates. Startups can make critical use of it to foster and strengthen customer relations and track buyer personas and the customer funnel. It also provides detailed reports on the tasks and completions of various teams and also individual performance. HubSpot also features a horde of free tools to boost SEO, organic research, backlink analysis, and contact website activity.

10. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a must-have for all accounting and financial functions. It facilitates easy online invoicing, accounting, payment and time tracking, and financial reporting requirements. It is unsophisticated and has a simple interface, making it indispensable for any startup to keep an accurate tab on all financial activities. You can also gain real-time insights and maximize tax savings with ease.


These tools would streamline the initial phase and proper execution of all essential functionalities. Tools are indeed one of any business or startup lifelines aiming to breach all barriers and sustain in the market.

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