The Top 4 Retail Merchandising Trends Of Today

Regardless of what kind of company you work for, one thing is for certain. And that is the fact that one of the main priorities that services across the board have is increasing sales by any means possible. You can be sure of that fact. When it comes to the aspect of retail, there are so many new aspects to consider that one can get a bit overwhelmed by all of it.

Most of all by some rumors that the retail industry is on its dying knees. This is simply not true. In the case of larger businesses not using it any longer, there is certainly an element of truth in that. However, for small and medium-sized businesses, they have a unique opportunity to kick things up a notch when it comes to the purchasing experience and all its related aspects.

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However, there is still no real cause for worry as physical consumer interaction is very unlikely to go away anytime soon. There is no magical merchandise solution out there, but seeking help from an expert like Arcadia Corporate Merchandise Ltd. can iron out any wrinkles in your promotional campaigns.

Adapting and evolving is the name of the game and on that note, the knowledge of certain key trends will go a long way in establishing a solid and strong foothold in the industry. Here are the top 4 retail merchandising trends of today:-

  • A social-retail integration: This is primarily the concept of integrating social media with various other retail markets. With a “buy now” option alongside your product on social media, things are more than likely to work out for you a lot better than you think initially.

    However, the truth of the matter is that customers are browsing the Web to search for information and not with the primary intent to buy anything. With this in mind, the onus is on marketers to create a virtual showroom, giving the customers the ability to browse before shopping.

  • Hyper-personalized offerings: Nowadays, more and more customers expect services to specifically cater to their needs. With the launch of more targeted offerings, one can be sure that customers will not have to waste any time browsing through the products they are not interested in.

    With the use of the right tags, you can offer potential customers all the products that are similar to those they have purchased in the past. To add to this, even personalised email newsletters will go a long way in establishing a sense of loyalty.

  • Interactive Merchandising displays: One of the primary reasons why online shopping experience hasn’t completely taken over is the fact that customers will not be able to touch or see the physical product before making the decision of buying it. In this regard, companies should make the most of things and employ the use of different types of samples to boost product popularity, growth and sales.
  • The aspect of a mobile/wearable checkout: Since mobiles are becoming more and more commonplace, the idea of a mobile wallet is not far-fetched in the future. With retailers also adapting to new changes in technology, they will be able to accept payments in newer ways while offering more incentives to customers at the same time. Not just mobiles, but one can be expected to see a rise of various types of wearables in the near future as well.

As the last point illustrates, the rise of technology in the past few years has certainly given rise to some new and interesting trends, to say the least. Having said that, since mobile devices have become so handy, you can be sure that retail is not going anywhere any time soon. Having said that, the retailers of today certainly owe it to themselves and their future to take on the responsibility of embracing all types of future technology and using them in the best possible way.

All the retailers who wish to stay relevant in the market adapt to the ever-changing nature of the market and will do whatever it takes in order to attract a new generation of tech-savvy customers. That’s just how it is. Thanks to technology, there will be a rise in newer methods of consuming content and products alike. For most retailers in the business, there should ideally one solid foot planted in the present as well as one in the future to create a sense of balance.

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