Top 5 Tips & Tricks To Save On International Shipping

Looking at eCommerce statistics, this industry shows no signs of slowing in its growth. So now is a good time to take advantage of these consumer trends and skyrocket your eCommerce business. But to achieve that, you also need to optimize your expenses.

Since international shipping comprises a big part of order delivery costs, reducing these charges can help your eCommerce business grow considerably. And to save on package shipping, you just need to employ a few little tips and tricks. Here they are.

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Optimize Your Package’s Weight And Size

The cost of international package shipping depends on the characteristics of your parcel and the length of the distance it’ll cover. So if you’re a US-based eCommerce business, shipping to Poland will cost you more than shipping to Canada. And there’s not much you can do about that.

But you can optimize your package’s weight and size to reduce the shipping price. The principle is simple. Choose packaging of the smallest dimensions and of the lightest material, whenever possible. Padded envelopes and poly bags can be great alternatives to standard shipping boxes as long as you’re shipping small, lightweight, and non-fragile goods.

Estimate Your International Shipping Expenses

It’s always a good idea to estimate how much you’ll be paying for one or the other service in advance. After all, you can’t save on something when you don’t even know how much it might cost. So don’t hesitate to turn to a shipping rates calculator.

The cost of international shipping is based on several factors. Thus, it may be difficult to keep track of them all on your own. Especially when it comes to dimensional weight. Although you can calculate it by yourself, a shipping calculator makes the process a breeze.

Select Your Shipping Partner Thoroughly

Finding the right shipping company takes time and effort. But it pays off to explore all your options. Thus, don’t be hasty to pick the most notable carriers out there. Chances are that you might find a less well-known shipping partner that provides the same quality services at a more affordable price.

Do thorough research on the shipping rates and benefits that come with them. Compare different offers and think of your business needs. Perhaps you don’t need the perks included in the more expensive service pack. So there’s no gain in choosing it over a more affordable option.

Work With Several Shipping Companies

A reliable partner is a must if you wish to ensure smooth order delivery. But it doesn’t mean that you should stick with one carrier only. In fact, having several options can help you save on international shipping. And it’ll prevent late deliveries as you’ll be dividing the workload even during the busiest seasons.

Plus, many shipping companies specialize in delivering to certain regions and can offer better rates for sending orders there. So you can partner with one carrier for shipping within North America and the other for deliveries to Europe.

Offer Different Shipping Options

Nowadays fast order delivery has almost become a necessity. But speed greatly adds to the international shipping cost. And it may not always be what your customers seek. Sometimes clients might be willing to sacrifice speed for a better price.

So be sure to give them such an opportunity and offer more than one shipping method. Economy shipping can be financially beneficial to both you and your customers.

In our global world, delivering internationally is no longer a hurdle to eCommerce businesses. And it won’t be as expensive if you apply the right tips and tricks to reduce international package shipping costs.

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