Top 7 Tools And Software For Your Sales Team

The array of powerful tools that are available to sales teams today ensures that success belongs to those who know how best to leverage technology. The software tools and platforms designed for sales are constantly evolving, which makes it necessary for leaders to stay abreast of developments. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the innovative software tools that can turn around a struggling sales department.

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1. Digital Voice Communications

Voice is the most personable way to connect with clients and customers next to meeting them face to face, and most sales teams integrate some type of phone technology into their operations. If you’re still using analog landlines, though, you should take a look at modern technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Cutting-edge businesses have realized the advantages of a cloud VoIP phone system. The flexibility of these new technologies make it possible to share the same voice calling plan across international locations. Many VoIP services also integrate your voice data with Unified Communications platforms.

2. Email Management Software

Email is another mainstay of communications for any organization today, but it’s also one of the most difficult to use effectively. Whether you need to help your sales team stay productive or leverage email as a lead generation tool, tech vendors continue find ways to keep this venerable medium relevant. Tools like Mixmax and Reply are specifically designed for customer-focused teams that handle large volumes of email every day. Most of these tools integrate with popular email services like Gmail to deliver better productivity with functions like scheduling, automated campaigns, and template-based messaging.

3. Sales Engagement Apps

When a lead appears on your sales team’s radar, their response needs to be proactive, timely, and targeted. Sales engagement apps help by providing the glue needed to integrate the different technologies your sales reps juggle. Products like Outreach and PersistIQ are designed to leverage CRMs and put their data at every team member’s fingertips. They integrate CRM platforms, communications channels, and office software, so critical information and customer history is readily available. This makes engagement with leads faster and more effective because your reps have access to the information they need without time-consuming research.

4. Performance Tracking Tools

Effective management of large sales departments is a daunting task. Managers and supervisors needs tools that can track objective metrics and provide the data points they need to motivate their staff. Luckily, there’s several performance tracking tools available that are designed specifically for a sales operation. Software packages like Ambition add value to performance tracking by integrating metrics with employee incentive programs like motivational leaderboards.

5. Marketing And Training Content Tools

Sales teams manage a variety of different types of content for both external marketing campaigns and internal training programs. Managing that content can quickly become cumbersome without efficient organization and delivery tools. Software packages like Allbound include powerful content tools that can handle all of your customer-facing content. Educational programs are easier to manage as well with tools like BrainShark that provide a platform for designing and delivering training to sales professionals.

6. Analytics

If there’s a business function that lives and breaths analytics, it’s sales. Advances in data analysis for sales professionals have been driven by artificial intelligence and omni-channel communications to provide better and more consistent lead conversion. With the amount of customer and market data that’s available today, it’s important to leverage it with the best analytics software available like Bombora or Aviso.

7. Lead Generation And Prospecting Tools

Prospecting tools can dramatically increase a team’s performance by pulling analytics data into your lead pipeline. Sales and marketing campaigns are more effective when they target that right market segments that match your products and services. Tools like Cognism and DataFox use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to find prospects at a much faster rate than human analysts. That data can be leveraged to generate more leads with less time spent cold calling or blanketing a market with mass mailings.

These are just some of the software tools that present opportunities for managers to make the most of every sales rep on their team. The analytics, integration, and optimization they make possible can turn around flat sales results. The right set of software tools is the key to success for a modern sales operation.

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