Top Franchises You Can Run from Home In 2023

If you’re looking to run a business from home, there are many opportunities out there just waiting to be explored. Although business ownership comes with a lot of risks, franchising helps to mitigate them by enabling you to run a proven and established business model in your own area.

There are many well known franchise brands out there – from McDonalds to Wiltshire Farm Foods – but franchising isn’t just restricted to high worth individuals and fast food entrepreneurs, there are many low cost, home based franchises for sale in the UK, plenty of which are fantastic for parents too.

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What Is Franchising?

Franchising refers to a method of business expansion where the owner of a brand licences out the rights to trade as that business to a third party. The brand owner is known as the franchisor, whilst the third party is called a franchisee. Franchising enables the franchisor to grow their business reach by enabling franchisees to trade as that business in their own exclusive area.

Franchising is advantageous for the franchisor because of increased brand recognition (and therefore more business), greater capital and ultimately a stronger brand. Twofold, franchising is great for those looking to run a business, because it enables them to do just that, all whilst benefiting from that brand recognition, delivering a service that customers associate positively with.

Franchising enables entrepreneurs to get into business for themselves but not by themselves. Because franchisors will usually provide full training and support to those looking to become a franchisee, franchising is a more successful route to business ownership compared to the solo startup counterpart. And that is a fact. Recent surveys conducted show around 93% success rate for franchises, compared to 79% success rate for solo business start-ups.

Why Become A Franchisee?

Franchises provide a framework for a successful business. Tried and tested, franchise businesses succeed because of their scaled method of business expansion. All franchisees deliver the same products and services in the same manner, in uniformity, following a franchise operations manual. This brand consistency is what helps to make franchise businesses sustainable and operationally viable.

No McDonalds franchisee would deviate away from the franchise operations manual, by offering their own twist on burgers and meals. It is the consistency across the brand and franchisees which is what makes franchising successful as a method for business expansion.

Becoming a franchisee means you’ll be a part of a successful brand, but with many franchises home based and flexible enough to run part time, becoming a business owner via franchising is a choice more and more people are making.

Franchises You Can Run From Home

Franchising isn’t employment – it’s business ownership. And although needing to stick to the franchise agreement and franchise operations manual might sound like a dull prospect – having to follow a set of rules – it’s far from that. Many home based franchise owners enjoy flexibility of being their own boss and working their own hours, and you can too! Here are some of the best franchises you can run from home.

Management Type Franchises

A management franchise is a business where you run the business in broad oversight, managing a workforce. That workforce might be a team of cleaners, or it might be a team of healthcare professionals in the context of a home care franchise. There are many management franchises for sale, from cleaning to home care, commercial windscreen repair to children’s tuition.

Because management covers a wide range of business types, the investment required (the money needed to launch the business including buying the rights to trade) is typically anywhere from £10,000 up to £50,000. Cleaning franchises are amongst the cheapest franchises to own whilst still retaining good profit potential.

Internet Based Franchises

From the likes of dropshipping to merchandising and digital marketing, internet based franchises can be run anywhere in the world. Ideal for parents and full on entrepreneurs alike, internet based businesses can be run anywhere so long as you have a laptop and internet connection. That could be from the beach or at home.

There are many types of internet based franchises, from SEO and digital marketing to ecommerce, and call handling to recruitment. Because internet based franchises require minimal equipment to get off the ground, investment can be very affordable and requires limited working capital as well.

Vending Franchises

Vending franchises are a fantastic entry point into the world of business ownership. Typically requiring less than £5,000 initial investment, vending franchises are renowned for being scalable. This means you can start off running the business in a limited state, maybe just a small number of clients, and scale the business to make greater use of your territory whilst minimising overheads.

Vending machines require limited involvement from the franchisee. Making money whilst they sleep, franchisees will make money from the sale of goods sold from the machine. Ultimately the more machines you provision to sites across your territory, the more money you’ll make from the “silent salesman” that is your vending tower, box or machine.

Commission on products sold can be quite small so vending franchises are ideal to be run from home, minimising overheads, and ideal to be run alongside another job, business or self employment.

Regain Control Of Your Future

Franchising isn’t employment, it’s business ownership. And while there are boundaries set by the franchise agreement and operations manual, rules to follow, the business is still yours. The fact that franchisees all use the same brand, same principals of operation and deliver the same services, these are all what make franchise businesses so successful.

The streamlined, scaled replication of a business model, the reproduction of an established, successful business, franchising is resilient. If you’re looking to get out of employment and regain control of your future, why not consider a franchise? You’ll benefit from training and support, plus access to a proven business model which countless other franchisees are already successfully trading with.

There are over 1,000 franchise opportunities in the UK, take time to explore – who knows, you could be running a business of your own this time next year.

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