The Ultimate Startup Small Business Checklist [Infographic]

Starting a small business can in many ways be both daunting and scary. If you have a vision and the skills to realize it, the business in itself just requires some book smarts. You won’t even believe how much information it is out there to put you on the right path. That information can guide you through the maze of setting up a startup company. Help comes in all kinds of shapes and forms, and this time it’s in a small business checklist.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the number of people who will tell you it can’t be done or that you’re doing it wrong will be surprisingly high once you take the step to get started. The world is full of people who will try and defuse your excitement and commitment to your product or service, so the best thing you can do is keep going. The success of your endeavor should be enough to silence any doubts.

Nevertheless, there are obstacles you need to pay more attention to than the noise generated by public opinion about the legitimacy of your startup. Correctly registering and filing all documents is vital in order for you to feel completely secure once you start pulling the strings that will take you to success. In order to bring some light to the process, if you’re thinking about starting a small business in the U.S., I have been presented an infographic called The Small Business Checklist: How To Establish Your Business – Legally by ContactMe.

This infographical guide will take you through the process one step at a time. When you reach the end of it, you will have a somewhat solid foundation to build your success on. There are many more facets to building a successful business of course, but this small business checklist will solidify your startup in a secure and comfortable way. All you need to do after everything has been filed, registered, approved and confirmed is to take your idea and stay motivated, dedicated and true to your vision. Success is obtained by the presence of a vision. Without it, there will be little you can do to bring success into your endeavor.

Infographical Small Business Checklist

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The Small Business Checklist Infographic