Understanding Your Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy can be the difference between success and just missing the mark. Whilst brand design can refer to your logo and the visual aspects of your business that customers can become familiar with, your brand strategy looks at the bigger picture. A successful brand strategy can set you apart and allow you to strategically position your brand in a way that can generate leads, sales, or awareness.

It’s important to consider your brand strategy not just when you’re first starting out, but reviewing it periodically too. This ensures your branding grows alongside your business, and remains relevant and engaging for your audience. SLG take a closer look at how to get to grips with your brand strategy and why.

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Why Does Your Business Exist?

When beginning to look at your brand strategy, one of the most important factors to consider is the purpose of your business. Understanding why your business exists can help you to decide on its position within your market, which in turn can help to provide direction for your services, marketing efforts and sales strategies.

It’s helpful to have a clear idea of why and how your business is different to your competitors, as this determines why your brand can improve the lives of your customers. It is just as important to understand why and how your brand is meaningful to your customers. All of these factors are instrumental in crafting your brand’s story and persuading your audience to see your brand as something they want to invest their time and resources in.

Choosing Your Creative Elements

The visual elements of your brand are important because they are what the customer will see first. In most cases, your logo or slogan will set the tone and context of your marketing messaging will and will set certain impressions and expectations in your customers’ minds. Carefully consider the impact of your chosen branding elements, including your logo, slogan and colour palette.

All of the creative aspects of your brand will begin to shape your business’ personality and give off a specific impression to your audience. Do you need to be youthful, fun and colourful to attract your audience, or does your brand need to look formal and professional? The creative elements will help you achieve this impact, whether you’re starting from scratch or undergoing a rebrand.

Making Sure Your Message Is Consistent

When it comes to a brand strategy and building your brand identity, consistency is so important. Take the time to define the type of message you want to send out to your audience, and make sure the sentiment is there each and every time you send out any sort of communication including marketing and sales.

The more consistent your brand is, the more memorable it will become. Over time, this also means your customers will be able to understand exactly who you are and what you stand for. Once you’ve achieved this, your brand strategy is closer than ever to be successful.

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