Using External Services To Grow Your Business

The growth of a business through a proper business development plan is paramount to its success in the long term. This is further exaggerated in relation to new businesses, so a tailored marketing strategy is key. This can be a daunting thought for many, and especially those who have had little experience in the business development sector.

A very popular and effective option for this is to use an external company to help with your new business and marketing strategy. A key example would be to use a new business agency, which helps other businesses to grow.

One of the leading ones in the industry is Alchemis, who was the first new business agency for the creative, digital, communications, insight and marketing industries. They continue to innovate, which sees them as a leading force in the industry. So how do these businesses work externally in building the growth of a business?

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Cold Calling Is Still At The Heart Of New Business But It Has Certainly Evolved

This means a targeted, personal and relevant phone call is now at the heart of the approach used. This approach is a stark contrast to the reading of a script, which was a tactic used in previous years by many other suppliers.

The plan is implemented by building relationships and having a depth of experience in the sector, which helps to deal with the challenges that any cold call might throw up. The results of this service can be excellent, which is a key reason why cold calling remains a popular option of business growth. There are so many different parts to the process, which result in is success.


Businesses will look for a lead generation agency that can generate the number of leads that they’re looking for. Lead generation is effectively a numbers game – the more conversations you have, the more opportunities you’ll open up. This process starts with creating an initial relationship and building on this to arrange a meeting. This could then create future opportunities and business moving forward.


The quality of the call is always going to be key to success in numbers. Somebody who understands the target industry, as well as your own business, has a far greater success of generating new qualified leads for the client.


The direction of the calls can make a huge difference. This means doing the initial research well and using it to tailor the telemarketing strategy to the target. If you are approaching the right target market for the business, then telesales will give you a far greater chance of success.

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