vcita’s Partnership Opportunities For Agencies [Review]

All-in-one management app, vcita provides a large array of features for small businesses. It’s designed to help small teams and solopreneurs stay on top of all of their administration in an easy-to-use way. Businesses can sign up for a vcita subscription directly on the vcita website, but beyond this, the software company also offers co-branded partnership opportunities.

Nowadays, vcita works with organizations such as marketing agencies through their strategic partnerships. The app can be adapted for the marketing agencies’ particular needs, and then the agency can sell the subscription as a service to their existing customers and use it as a way to drive new business.

In this review, we’ll break down what vcita’s app offers small businesses, then look at the potential benefits for marketing agencies who partner with vcita.

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An Overview Of vcita’s Value To Small Businesses

A key differentiating factor for vcita in the small business management tool space is the breadth of options available in one app. They aim to cover the main areas common to most businesses, and they’ve done a good job of it. What this means is rather than a business owner needing to deal with switching between multiple apps, everything is one place and integrated together.

The functionality breaks down into four primary areas, but there is also a detailed report and analytics side of the app for business leaders who like to dive into the statistics.

Manage Clients

At the core of vcita’s product is a full CRM system where business leaders can track their customer relationships. The features go deeper than a simple database, as businesses can allow their customers to access a client portal to send messages, make service appointments, download files, and review account activity histories – all from within the app.

Manage Time

There is also a module that allows businesses to manage their calendars, including allowing customers to book appointments with specific team members. Customers will receive reminders and follow ups if the business decides to set this up.

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Manage Money

Critically, vcita allows businesses to accept payments through their platform and to generate and send invoices. It removes a lot of the complexity for businesses that might not know where to start on setting this up for themselves. They can also use the platform to set up prepaid packages with service bundles, automated billing, and late payment reminders.

Manage Marketing

Email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns can be all controlled through the vcita app. A particular strength of the vcita offering is that businesses can build great-looking campaigns in minutes. It has all the features such as client segmentation and personalization that one would expect from a specialized email marketing app that comes pre-integrated with a CRM.

What Are The Benefits For Marketing Agencies?

A marketing agency would start by getting in touch with vcita through their website. Only a few details are requested, such as the agency’s current portfolio size and industry.

After a demo, the agency would decide whether they want to proceed. If they do, then vcita claims to be able to bring a comprehensive small business solution to market within weeks. Agencies are able to choose which of the different modules they want to support for their customers.

The key benefits for agencies fall into four categories.

New Revenue Streams

Agencies can charge their clients for the subscription to their app and generate monthly recurring revenue. They can also take a cut of some of the payments made through the app with certain payment providers. External links and embedded custom modules can also be added to the app, offering additional functionalities and directing clients to other services, which makes it easier to upsell.

Stand Out From The Crowd

It’s not common for marketing agencies to offer their own apps that help their clients to manage their businesses. By partnering with vcita, a marketing agency can gain an edge over their competitors and potentially be preferred when they might not have been otherwise. This makes it easier for clients to have fewer companies to deal with if a marketing agency can also handle their CRM software needs, and help them with lead nurture workflows, for instance.

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Build Loyalty

Through supporting the app, a marketing agency can create longer-term relationships with their clients. This is important, as some clients would normally only hire external agencies for specific projects, and churn rates can be high. However, if a client is already regularly using a SaaS product from a marketing agency, then it makes sense for them to be open to using them for other services too. And when the agency is able to see what’s happening in their clients’ customer pipelines, it’s easier to step in and offer types of help that speak to real pain points.

Increase Brand Visibility

Agencies can co-brand the app and put their logo on every page of the app in the top left corner. This keeps the value that your agency provides at the top of clients’ minds as they go about their daily business. It’s also possible to add your logo to every email sent through the app, which makes the client’s customers aware of your brand too.


Overall, vcita has a strong offering for marketing agencies, as the potential for more revenue per client and longer-lasting relationships could be a game-changer. Information on prices is not available online, but it’s likely to be dependent on an individual marketing agency’s needs. If you run a marketing agency, we’d recommend scheduling a demo to see if it is the right fit for you.

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