Web Design For Small Businesses

A business, whether small or big, needs a professional website to help build trust and communicate with potential clients. That is why web designing is a vital marketing tool. However, starting a website can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. To build a good homepage, invest time and resources, so it does not look like a simple layout or from a default theme.

Getting a business website is a challenge that business owners face. The task becomes more challenging since the options are unlimited, and the cost can be unstable. In agreement with an article at Paddle Creative, a professional website designer focuses on creating a website that can drive substantial and relevant traffic to your business, come up with more leads, and lower any problems that users might run into while going through the website.

Also, the professional can a business owner come up with a social media strategy that can help your business stand out in its industry.

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Why Design Matters

According to researchers, a person’s eyes take around 3 seconds to focus on a particular element of a webpage when it loads. The person then forms a quick opinion based on what he or she sees. To influence that opinion, you need a smart design. People’s feelings about a business are based on the experiences they have with a brand. A properly designed website and logo inspires the confidence of a potential customer since it looks professional. If a business is willing to create a functional and clean design, it is an indication that its products and services are of high quality.

Keep It Simple

A simple landing page should set your company’s tone and provide essential information to make it easy for your target audience to understand the products or services your business offers. A complicated design or too much information can overwhelm the viewer. An uncluttered design can send a message of professionalism across.

On the homepage, you can add a purchase button as a call to action. Ensure your call to action engages your audience with your products and services. Establish a tone, feel, and look true to your brand. The homepage of your website is what will secure a deal for you. Make sure it becomes the anchor for your site and make it impressive enough to get your audience’s attention.

Easy Google Access

Search engines such as Google need an uncluttered site, proper URLs, clear content, relevant keywords, and sitemap to index your business website with ease. The small business website design should include basic SEO. It is, therefore, essential to get excellent SEO friendly CMS to create and maintain your website.

Inbound Leads

One of the primary functions of a website is to focus on inbound leads. Before people buy a product, they research and compare, and still, they may not be prepared to make a purchase. Utilize that time acquiring their e-mail addresses to keep them posted and gauge when they are ready to make a purchase. Do not be too persistent since you could annoy a potential client.

Make It Responsive

Before publishing any content on the web, consider both mobile and desktop devices. According to researchers, 30 percent of website traffic is mobile, and 90 percent of business websites do not consider small device screen sizes when creating websites. A website site that is not mobile-optimized will drive away clients, look unprofessional, and ruin your SEO.

Most small business websites fail at this point because of limited resources. However, it is essential to pick a website builder that allows you and your audience to preview your page on various devices. To check if your website is responsive or not, you can use Google’s mobile test tools and enter any URL. You will receive information telling you whether the page is mobile-friendly.

Professional Branding

Avoid frivolity and focus on giving your small business website a professional look.  Make use of prominent colors in the logo of your brand. Seek professional help from a website design company that can give your business website a professional look. Pick one or two fonts and make sure you use them consistently throughout the site. Ensure the images and graphics you use are in sync and complement your website.

Highlight Your Products And Services Well

Most small business websites cannot highlight their products, or they display too many products on one page. It is essential to note that it takes seconds to convince a potential client. Ensure that your site’s first impression is professional. Your product images, photos, and descriptions should be appropriate. If your website design is excellent, but your product display is weak, your customers will not be confident about buying from you.

Quick Site Load Time

Your viewers may get impatient if the website takes an extended period to load. Ensure your small business website has the best server infrastructure and bandwidth for support. A graphically, intense design can take long to load and put off potential clients. Pick an excellent host to improve your site’s load time.


Relevant content plays a significant role in enabling search engines to index your business website. According to Matt Connelly of Paddle Creative, cleverly crafted marketing strategies can help you grow your business. For search engines to index your small business website easier, you need to publish quality content. Irrelevant or inadequate content can put off a significant number of potential customers. Pay extra attention to headlines since they make the difference between a visitor continuing to browse further or leaving your site.

Experts claim that most people use their mobile phones to access the internet compared to desktop users. That is why it is crucial to have your small business website load faster and with no frustrating glitches. A search engine expects businesses to make use of this vital feature and utilize page speed as a ranking element. Experts claim that for a small business website to pass the efficiency test, it should completely load in less than three seconds.

When deciding how your brand presence should look like, it is essential to be consistent but not be repetitive. Keep your homepage simple to make it easy for your customers to learn about the services and products you provide. Make it responsive to both mobile and desktop users to look professional. Highlight your products and services well to convince and build trust with your customers. Avoid intense graphics for your site and find excellent hosting to ensure your pages load fast to make it efficient for your clients.

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