Can Web Hosting Impact Your Online Business?

In case you are not sure if your web host has a role to play in the success of your online business, the simple answer is yes. In Australia, web hosting impacts online businesses in many ways.

This article actually discusses a few ways through which your web host can impact your online business.

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It is very important that your website loads very fast since speed matters. Put yourself in the visitors’ shoe. How do you feel when you visit a website whose response is very slow? You get annoyed and leave the website immediately, right? That is how visitors leave slow sites.

Australian web hosting companies usually offer different plans and some are faster than others. A very good option is the virtual private server (VPS). This plan usually comes with dedicated disk space, memory space, and CPU. All these amount to higher speed. However, VPS is faster in some hosts than in others.

It is necessary to ask for the speed offered by each plan before you select your preferred choice. You may need to check MangoMatter’s hosting comparison for Australia to see some of the best hosting companies in Australia with the highest speed.


You need a web host that offers almost zero downtime. Your website will not be available when your web host is experiencing a downtime. And each time this happens, it could a visitor’s first time on your website. Imagine running an online store and a customer who has already selected all what he wants proceeds to checkout only for your website to become unavailable and inaccessible.

He will abandon the cart and may never patronize you again for wasting his time. One thing Australians don’t joke with is their time. The more your web host experiences a downtime, the higher your chances of experiencing the scenario described above.

So, you need a web host with high redundancy. This means you need a web host that has many backup servers waiting to take over if the one in use goes down.


It is not impossible for hackers to gain access into your website through your web host. You operation may be in line with the highest security standards only for your web host to negligently create an opening for cybercriminals. In fact, it has happened several times.

Unfortunately, if it happens, it will take only a cybersecurity expert to find out how your website was hacked. You want to hire a web host that can assure you of the highest level of security.

Search Engine Optimization

Site speed is one of the factors Google uses for ranking. So, the speed of your site could also improve your SEO ranking. A web host that offers a very high speed will not only attract visitors to your site, the host will also raise your ranking.

Now that you have seen that your web host can either promote your online business or kill it, you should not just choose any web host in Australia at random or base your choice of web host on only lower charges. You need to consider speed, level of security, and uptime rate. Consider checking web host reviews since they usually include the speed and uptime rate of every Australian web hosting company that has been reviewed.

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Web Hosting Online Business Article Image