Website Improvement Tips For Effective Customer Retention

Getting to the first page of Google has become a fierce competition. More and more small businesses are springing up and taking advantage of the profits gained from executing digital marketing strategies rather than relying on more traditional ones.

However, the problem with some marketers today is they focus too much on getting new customers rather than retaining the ones they have. According to a study written by Jed Williams (Consulting and Senior Analyst for BIA/Kelsey) and Kristy Campbell (Director of Marketing for Manta), about 70% of businesses do not consider customer retention as a top priority.

Neglecting to market to repeat customers might mean profit loss and an opportunity to build a relationship with a loyal customer base. Indeed, a study made by the Harvard Business School showed that improving customer retention by even 5% will generate an increase in profits between 25% to a whopping 95%.

So that you would not make the same mistakes, here are improvements to your website that can push for an increase in customer retention.

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Don’t Brush Off Website Builder

When you purchase your domain on any Internet registrars like Crazy Domains, they offer a website builder feature so you can design your own website even if you don’t know how to code.

But a lot of us feel that a professionally designed website is more acceptable than us just customizing a premade theme. The problem with that thinking is we forget the fact that all of these customizable templates are already made to be mobile adaptive, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly.

Provide Personalized Experience

According to a research by Social Annex, personalization is responsible for the purchasing decisions of 86% of customers, and 45% of them will buy from websites that offer personalized recommendations.

You can do this on your own website through tailored suggestions based on a customer’s purchase history or items they have clicked on. Another personalization feature would be automatically converting your prices to the local currency based on customer location, and other behavior-based offers.

Loyalty Rewards

The reason why supermarkets keep hounding customers about their rewards card is that for the number of people who are not interested, there will always be a significant number who are.

A report made by Bond Brand Loyalty says that 81% of customers are more likely to transact with websites that offer loyalty programs. 73% of them are more likely to recommend these websites to other people.

You can offer points for every activity made related to your website (purchasing, sharing, subscribing), send them exclusive discounts, and even for every referral that they make.

Amazing Customer Support

If the FAQ page isn’t enough, the next step would be to contact the company immediately. As a customer, there is nothing more frustrating than a business who does not keep track of the inquiries being sent to them. Worse, if there is a chat support, the person on the other side can’t seem to grasp the root of the problem.

What you want is to build a relationship and industry credibility. You can’t do this if the customer support is less than adequate for the job.

These tips have proven to be some of the most effective at converting and retaining customers. Remember that it’s not always the number of visitors you get every day, but also the number of customers willing to buy again and again that marks the success of your business.

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