What AI Tech Is Available To Ordinary Trading People?

A few years ago, if you asked most people what they know about trading, they would most likely paint the picture of a chaotic trading floor. The frenzied activity on a traditional trading floor was a norm, and everyone embraced it. Today, thanks to great technological advancements, there is no more frenzy, and trading floors have gone quiet. Traders don’t even have to move away from their homes or offices to trade.

AI has revolutionized trading. AI systems are a game-changer in the financial market for all players, and especially traders. The modern trader is one who leverages on AI to develop financial strategies to increase profitability.

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AI In Trading

Trading has increasingly become more complex. Huge volumes of data need to be collected and processed in the shortest time possible to inform any trading strategies. There is an obvious advantage for a trader who deploys modern tools to get an edge in trading. Here’s AI tech available for ordinary trading people:

1. Kavout

Kavout is a sophisticated investment platform that combines AI, big data, and machine learning to help investors make intelligent investment decisions. The multi-functional intelligent platform makes it easy for beginners and seasoned investors to invest in stocks smartly. Kavout is driven by Kai, a smart AI computer that has the capacity to analyze millions of points of data in real-time. The AI tool can gather information from news sources, blogs, mentions, and social media posts to give an accurate recommendation that will shape your investment decision.

The hallmark of Kavout is the K Score, a predictive equity rating score. Through AI and machine learning, the K score generates predictive analytics that ranks stocks on a score of 1 to 9. To generate the stocks ranking, Kai contemplates fundamental data, alternative data, pricing signals as well as technical indicators to give buy or sell signals to individual investors or as valuable insight for private financial firms.

2. TrendSpider

TrendSpider is a powerful charting tool that analyzes stocks, generates technical analysis, and provides traders with a more in-depth look into different investment ideas. This automated trading platform uses powerful AI tools and cutting-edge technology to recognize patterns and draw trendlines needed by technical traders. According to reviews from tradingreviewers.com/trendspider-review/, TrendSpider uses machine learning algorithms to detect chart patterns accurately and identify trends in trading. The charts are easy to understand and come in handy, especially for technical traders.

When certain pre-set trigger points are met, users get notified immediately. Users decide on the automated alerts, and these may be ties to breakout points, resistance levels, among others.

3. EquBot

EquBot is an AI-powered ETF that is changing how investors invest in stocks and securities. EquBot has two funds, namely AI Powered Equity (AIEQ) and AI Powered International Equity (AIIQ). EquBot runs on IBM’s Watson platform. The AIEQ has a main focus on the U.S stocks. The AI behind EquBot sifts through over 1 million data points daily which may include quarterly reports, SEC filings, social media posts, and mentions, and other indicators to accurately predict which stocks will go higher in a certain period of time.

All the data and strategies are refreshed almost on a daily basis, making it possible for EquBot to recognize patterns and indicate companies that might go higher in a fixed timeframe.

AIIQ allows investors to invest in equity securities of companies located in developed markets residing outside the borders of the United States, such as Canada and South Korea. Since its launch in 2015, the fund has consistently performed better than the S&P 500 index, making it one of the most sought-after investment platforms.

4. Blackboxstocks

This is a stock scanner that has revolutionized the way traders filter information and receives trade alerts. Blackboxstocks is an algorithmic screener powered by AI that scans vast amounts of data, especially on social media, to generate predictive data on the most favorable stocks that you can trade. The AI tool continuously scans stocks and options before, during, and after trading hours using high-frequency trading strategies. It has the capacity to scan over 13000 stocks and options simultaneously. Users are then alerted immediately when the AI system identifies tradable ideas.

Blackboxstocks continue analyzing even after trading has ended. The platform features a smooth interface making it easy to navigate even for new users.

AI is increasingly being used by traders to decrease human error and maximize profitability. In trading, AI technology does all the tedious yet necessary work of financial analysis. It provides better, more accurate results in real-time, proving to be a much-needed tool for individual investors and private firms.

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