What Are Trust Badges And How They Help Your Business

Online businesses, just like real-world businesses, depend on their customers. Internet business is always at a disadvantage over a brick and mortar one because it is harder to show the customer who they are dealing with and what kind of service they can expect to receive.

According to some statistics, as many as 15% of all shoppers leave their items behind in online shopping carts simply because they don’t trust that the process is safe enough. Trust badges are one of the tools used by online business owners to increase the trust levels among their customers.

Such badges can help e-commerce stores as well as online gambling sites like those found on AmericaGambles.com or other types of businesses that require online payments. We take a look at what trust badges are, how they work, and what they can do for your conversion rates and business improvement overall.

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What Is A Trust Badge?

Just like it sounds, a trust badge is a little badge you can put on your website to show your users you are trustworthy. Of course, these badges can have a different result, depending on where they are coming from.

A badge you made yourself may not be very valuable, although psychologically, even such badges can work out. Badges from well-known security providers, on the other hand, will instill trust even with the knowledgeable shoppers.

Trust badges show that your business is credible and cooperates with other serious businesses. To start out, you should make sure to get SSL certificates for your website and ask the company you bought them from to provide you with their safe checkout badge. This type of badge tells users that their personal information is safe when entering it to buy stuff from your site.

Badges from companies like Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal tend to instill a lot of trust with buyers as well. If you are using these payment methods on your website, you can ask the companies for their seal, and they will provide you with it. This will increase your trustworthiness with the customers significantly.

If you want to improve your service further, you can provide some badges yourself. These can include a money-back badge and a free shipping badge, which you can create yourself. Make sure that if you display these badges, you actually offer the service you are advertising, as poor customer reviews can cost you more than anything else.

Use Trust Badges To Improve Your Business

Trust badges are an absolute must if you are going to be doing any kind of commercial business online. Whether you provide services that need to be paid electronically or you sell goods, you want to provide your customers with as much proof of your credibility as possible. Make sure to always get a badge from any company you can, especially the big payment processors and at least one or two internet security companies on top.

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