Selling Your House? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Are you relocating, downsizing, or upgrading to a bigger home and need to sell your house? Are you among those who ask questions such as, how can I sell my house in Kansas City and move to California? Then you’ve come to the right place. Preparing your house for a sale is more than just listing it and waiting for buyers to come knocking.

You need to do proper repairs and house inspections to ensure you get the best value from your sale and encourage buyers to show interest in your listing. It’s pretty easy to make mistakes when listing your property. So here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when selling your house in Missouri.

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Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent Or Using The Wrong One

Although realtors will ask for a commission of about 5% from the sale of your house, they have the knowledge and skills to help close the deal. Real estate agents will help you sell the house by setting a competitive market price, setting the tone with potential buyers, and getting rid of those who don’t intend to make an offer.

They will also help you with the necessary paperwork and transactions involved in real estate. To avoid working with the wrong real estate agent, take time to interview potential candidates by checking out their licenses and credentials and talking to their past clients for reviews.

Unrealistic Pricing

It’s okay to consider your house as top dollar. However, there is a difference between what you think is your house value price and the market value of it. Overpricing your house increases the chances of staying on the market too long and may lead to price reductions. However, you can slightly underprice your house as a strategy to generate multiple offers and bid the price up to its market value.

Not Staging Your House

If you are putting your house on the market, it has to be visually appealing to potential buyers. Clean and declutter your home by removing anything that may distract potential buyers, like family pictures and decor pieces.

As you show them the house, the buyer wants to imagine it’s their home and how they will decorate it. Get rid of oversized furniture that dwarfs the room and clear closets to avoid overcrowding. If a space is empty, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it with something.

Avoiding Major Repairs

If your house needs significant repairs, you can’t afford to overlook them. A list of house repairs is a major turn-off to the buyers and can reduce the value of your house. Additionally, you shouldn’t hide the repairs since the issues will be discovered during the buyer’s inspection. Your home should match the description given, so before listing it, assess it and repair any damage, such as pipe leaks or structural issues, to increase your house’s value.

Limited Showings And Unavailability

Once your house is on the market, be ready to prioritize it by being available to accommodate as many buyers as possible. Expect to have interrupted weekends and make your schedule flexible to house buyers. Potential buyers make random appearances, and you never know who among them will take up your offer.


The process of selling a house doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you avoid mistakes such as overpricing and use a real estate agent, you will sell your house smoothly and quickly and make a good profit.

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