What’s Impact Investing And The Role Of Robo-Advisors?

It’s weird, but there are investors who value the social and environmental impact of a business more than money. They have their own principles and beliefs that dictate their decisions on which investment opportunity to take. For some people, this sounds absurd, but that’s what makes impact investing different from the mainstream market trends.

Impact investing comes with its own ups and downs, and investors are primarily in control of how they make the most of what’s in front of them. Perhaps in one aspect or another, you also share the same views. You want to pursue crypto investments not only because they offer substantial gains, but also for the progress that they could bring to society at large.

Gladly, it’s all a matter of personal choice. But as a fundamental rule in any business, don’t invest yet until you know what’s at stake. You might have misconceptions about impact investing that might result in substantial losses and disappointments.

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The truth is, this concept is more than just what most people might assume it is. Bitcoin Loophole can help you become a trader, and understand the impact of investing. Like other types of investments, there are crucial factors at play.

You have to evaluate these things on the basis of social, environmental, and economic values. From there, you can make a decision on whether or not it matches your principles and goals. Learn the essential facts about impact investing and the role of robo-advisors in the following paragraphs to get started smoothly.

The Essence Of Impact Investing

 In various industries, it’s common to see investors showing interest in a business opportunity where their personal values are. They would normally reject other options that produce certain kinds of harm to the environment and society. Instead, impact investors, as they are called, seek out assets that are green, safe, and socially responsible.


Unsurprisingly, this social-responsible investing (SRI) is quite popular among younger generations, like the millennials. In response, many robo-advisors have begun to offer SRI portfolios to appeal to these investors.

Essentially, SRI considers the nature of the business above other considerations. The criteria usually revolve around social justice, environmental sustainability, and alternative energy or clean technology efforts.

When it comes to business goals, SRI directs efforts on social impact and financial gain. These two do not necessarily have to go hand in hand because the presence of one factor does not signal the existence of another. Impact investors carefully assess the financial outlook of investment while trying to evaluate its social value.

Impact Investing And Robo-Advisors

In recent years and until today, robo-advisors have provided a practical alternative among investors seeking financial services to build their portfolios. These digital platforms use algorithms to automate and optimize portfolio choices, allowing investors to enjoy low costs and minimal human involvement. Traditionally, they follow the logic of modern portfolio theory (MPT) to optimize a diversified portfolio across several asset classes.

Robo-advisors can improve social-responsible investing for many investors who are independently working towards their goals. Some investors are buying SRI funds that carry expensive management fees or sales loads, while advisors are looking for low-cost exchange-traded funds.

There are also other players who screen SRI stocks in a manner that they forgo the benefits of effective diversification against risk. Such investors choose their own baskets, which may be challenging and time-intensive. With robo-advisors, the process of rebalancing the portfolio can be automated for the benefit of investors.

Popular Robo-Advisors And their SRI Approaches

Each robo-advisor has its own approaches when it comes to constructing SRI-based strategies. As you explore your choices in the crypto market today, you’ll find that there are unique characteristics that distinguish one from the other. Among the popular options you have are given below:

  • Wealthsimple

This platform uses a comprehensive approach to SRI for equities and fixed income components. It also divides such components using established criteria. For instance, Wealthsimple employs one ETF that invests in global stocks while excluding options that focus on tobacco, fossil fuels, and weapons. Generally, the focus is on socially-responsible values when determining the right approaches.

  • Betterment

With this robo-advisor, you can seek out SRI funds for U.S. large-cap stocks and emerging market stocks only. That means to say that other asset classes are not replaced with an SRI alternative in a given portfolio. This is either because an acceptable option does not come yet or because the respective asset’s fees or liquidity levels entail a higher cost for the investor.

  • Personal Capital

Compared with other platforms, this one is primarily intended for wealthy investors, usually with a minimum balance of $100,000. It also offers SRI options that apply economic, social, and environmental components in choosing a portfolio. The best advantage that it could offer is selecting assets that it deems most appropriate and with the highest ESG scores.

  • Wealthfront

Among other platforms, this one is right for you if you want to limit companies that you don’t want to invest in. The Wealthfront has emphasized that investors can inform them about which individual companies they refuse to make some investments in. This protocol can be included in your settings when you select this robo-advisor.

Does Crypto Market Allow Impact Investing?

Based on the principles of impact investing discussed above, cryptocurrency is an ideal candidate that many investors can choose to advance social, environmental, and economic advocacies. For instance, the crypto holdings can be transferred to the accounts of recipients as gifts or donations.

This technology has revolutionized the traditional banking system, and it has made significant progress so far. Wherever you look at this industry, there’s always something good that you can discover.

Final Thoughts

Impact investing and cryptocurrency are interrelated, as many investors are looking for ways to make money without damaging social and environmental factors. The blockchain that operates crypto networks and also the digital platform of robo-advisors offers practical advantages to everyone who’s trying to make money without compromising other things. As you can observe today, emerging coins come as a better version of their predecessors, which means that development is an ongoing process.

Robo-advisors play a crucial role in this business as they help investors make green and safe choices. You’ll realize other ways that a cryptocurrency falls under the principle of impact investing as you constantly contribute to the efforts of revolutionizing the financial industry.

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