Where To Find Freelancing Gigs

Freelancer gig hunting can seem like a never-ending slog, especially if your field has primarily short-term work. Even when your portfolio and work history starts to grow, you may find that constantly taking on new small, low-paying assignments begins to burn you out.

Indy features a freelancer contract managing system and a curated job board where you can search for higher-quality jobs that are worth your time. Using this with your networking and job-hunting skills, you can build a list of clients who give you work you enjoy doing.

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Online Job Boards

There are dozens of online job boards out there, but some don’t do anything to vet the companies and individuals posting jobs. Sometimes this results in many low-paying work offers or outright scams to steal your personal information. Other times, the work looks good, but the client doesn’t know what skills they need or how long the project will realistically take.

Checking on Indy gigs is your best option for avoiding dishonest dealings. This curated job board features work from known companies. Since it connects directly to the Indy system, it’s easy to use contracts and time tracking to maintain transparency and safety. You can rest easier at the end of each day knowing that your work will be valued.

Outreach To Startups And Small Businesses

Cold-calling doesn’t have the best reputation, but if you’re offering a skill the client will need someday, they’ll likely make a note of your contact information and keep you in mind. Avoid repeated messages unless you notice a major shift in their business, such as a significant expansion that may require your support.

It’s better to form natural connections with businesses by interacting with and sharing content they post. Usually, even very small companies and startups will have a social media presence or basic website. They’ll appreciate all the exposure they can get, especially if they’re eCommerce or another industry that serves the public instead of B2B.

This approach works best if you have a polished appearance online. Your portfolios and social media profiles should focus on your professional accomplishments and work history. Spend about 30% of your social media posts promoting yourself or showing off past projects, then use the remainder to highlight interesting news from industries you work with.

No matter how your outreach starts, make sure the client knows you’ve read about them and understand their work. Even congratulating them on recent growth or showing interest in something they’ve developed can help cement a genuine connection.

Niche And Hobby Work

Any niche interests and hobbies you have can result in more work. Some distributors, eCommerce sites, brick and mortar stores, and other businesses specializing in a particular product type would much rather work with someone who knows the field already.

Although your social media presence should focus on your skills and the broader industries you work for, don’t be afraid to let a little personality shine through. Mentioning your hobbies, pets, vacations, and more could spark a conversation that leads to a job.

Tying It All Together

You can also attract clients organically by ensuring your name and profile get spread as far as possible. Whether it’s guest writing columns for a relevant blog or featuring your contact information on an online portfolio site, you’ll make it easier for interested clients to find you.

Using an Indy profile and form gives you an easy way to collect your client leads all in one place. Your profile can feature questions and answers that showcase your commitment to professionalism and friendly service. These soft skills are sometimes even more important than your hard skills, so making them clear can help build your client’s confidence in you.

Link to this profile from every social media and portfolio website you use. This allows you to track client inquiries more efficiently instead of having to hop between sites replying to messages on each one.

Becoming A Trusted Partner

By treating every gig as an opportunity for longer work, you can establish yourself as a reliable partner instead of a one-time helper. Put your best foot forward on every job you apply to and make your full-time and part-time availability obvious on every social media profile you maintain. By having a well-organized online presence, you’ll make your own life easier and build reliable connections that will be useful long into the future.

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