Why 2020 Could Be A Big Year For The Us Casino Industry

While many states in the US have long held restrictive laws regarding online gambling, the current mood seems to pivot towards deregulation. As a result, the next few years could provide a watershed moment for online casino firms and sports betting brands who want to offer their customers a way to play games and bet on sports remotely.

May 2018 saw the US Supreme Court taking steps to remove a federal law that stopped people from betting on sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Previously the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act had stopped people from gambling on sports at a state level. But now it seems that the floodgates could be open to a casino gaming and sports betting revolution in the US.

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The First States To Permit Legal Betting And Wagering

With the removal of the pre-existing law, we have seen no less than eight US states allowing legal gambling. This means that sports fans and casino gamers can now enjoy legal online gambling in Pennsylvania, and many resources aim to help them get a service that is safe and fair.

Other states that have joined the fray included New Hampshire which isn’t surprising as this state was the first to have its own lottery. But with more states like West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey, Mississippi and Arkansas making moves to remove legislation, there are already big steps taking place to usher in a new era for online gambling.

Which States Will Join In Gambling Deregulation In 2020?

Such is the legislative make-up of the US that gamers will have to wait a long time until legal gambling is something that can be enjoyed across the whole of the nation. For states like New York real estate seems to be the closest thing that you can get to online gambling for the foreseeable future.

However, we have already seen some casinos in North Carolina making moves to take sports bets in 2020, while laws were also passed in 2019 to pave the way for Indiana and Illinois’ gamers to enjoy a less restrictive way to gamble online.

All eyes will be on states like Michigan and Ohio as these states are in the midst of examining the legislation surrounding legal sports betting. Unfortunately, it looks like casino gaming is out of the equation for these two states for the moment. The same applies to other US states like California.

Why Virginia Could Be A New Casino Gaming Capital

Nevada still holds the focal point for America’s gambling industries. But beyond the bright lights of Las Vegas, it looks like Virginia could be next in line as their senate has already passed a casino gaming bill. While this bill will need to pass a second time in 2020, it shows that there is a real enthusiasm for state bodies who are seeking to profit from the tax revenues gained from the deregulation of online gaming.

Such positive moves are a marked contrast to neighboring states like Maryland and Kentucky who have proven to be resistant to permitting a loosening of the current federal laws. This shows the level of inconsistency that is prevalent regarding online gambling in the USA.

But we have already seen more than a dozen US states legalizing the ability to take sports bets, and more could follow suit in 2020. While this is a long way off enjoying the liberal attitude towards gambling permitted in countries like the UK, it shows that the tide could be turning.

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