Why Choose Luxembourg For Starting A Business

Choosing a country to open a company in can be quite a challenge to investors interested in having their own businesses. The legislation, the costs associated with starting and maintaining the business and the taxation are just a few of the aspects which need to be considered when choosing a good destination for opening a company. Among the countries which can comply with the strict requirements of most investors, Luxembourg stands out as an important destination for doing business in various domains.

The Luxembourg limited liability company is preferred by foreign entrepreneurs because it offers the advantages of a domestic company which can imply several tax advantages. However, there are also other benefits which recommend Luxembourg as a great country for starting a business.

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Luxembourg Offers Low Business Start-Up And Maintenance Costs

Starting a business in any country implies various costs, such as registration and licensing fees and a minimum share capital, which can vary based on the type of entity selected. Luxembourg can successfully satisfy the necessities of foreign businesspersons interested in a country which can offer low start-up costs. As for the maintenance costs, these are lower than in other European destinations.

Luxembourg Offers A Fast Business Registration Procedure

Registering a business is just as important as the requirements and the start-up costs and the Luxembourg government does a great job when it comes to the streamlined procedures of incorporating a company. It’s been a while since the authorities have implemented an online system through which the company and tax registration procedures can be completed in a matter of days.

Access To Innovation

The times in which Luxembourg was known mainly as a financial center is almost gone, as the small country is currently one of the most important innovation centers in Europe. The government, in partnership with specialized agencies, has developed regulations and investment schemes through which research and development has become one of the most important economic sectors of the country.

Access To The European Union And Its Funds

Luxembourg is home to the EU and it is no secret that this makes it a very appealing destination for starting a business. The funds granted by the EU are also important when starting a business and in Luxembourg these can be obtained quite easy considering most of the EU’s regulatory bodies are located here.

Choosing Luxembourg for starting a business can bring many benefits to foreign investors and the ones mentioned above are just a few of them. With a thorough research, a businessman can find Luxembourg to be a great investment destination from many other points of view and thus ease the decision to open a company here.

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