Why Is It Important To Keep The Educational Facilities Clean And Tidy

When we think about the quality of education our children are getting, we think about the teachers, curriculum material, methods of assessment, and other academic factors. We hardly give a thought to the cleanliness of the premises that your child spends most of the day in.

School for children is like an office for adults. It’s the place they learn, be productive, and socialize. Most importantly, a high standard of cleanliness instills good habits into younger children.

All these factors affect the quality of education and the quality of life children and young teens receive at school, as well as college students. Cleanliness goes beyond classrooms and other areas just looking nice.

Let’s see how it affects other elements.

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Lessen The Spread Of Illnesses

Just think about all the people at a school’s premises. Students, staff, admins, and parents and guests that walk in every day. Add to the number of people, the number of places. Bathrooms, locker rooms, the cafeteria, the gym are some of the hottest spots. This provides breeding grounds for germs to spread, leading to possible illnesses and infectious diseases or attacks of certain parts of the body and their damage. If something breaks out, the results can be devastating.

Infectious diseases won’t remain contained only on the premises but can spread to the rest of the community. Not all germs do that, but lots of them do, so it’s important to keep a clean environment.

The school janitor is good for everyday surface cleaning. Yet,  thorough school cleaning is a big job that isn’t done superficially and needs professional cleaning equipment. The interior needs to be sanitized regularly. The ground needs a thorough clean with the surfaces wiped down.

This calls for better-equipped professional cleaners. A deep clean makes regular, everyday cleaning easy.

Prevention Of Allergies

You don’t have to get sick. Allergies and other breathing symptoms can come about from a dusty, unclean environment. Dust mites, pollen, and mold build-up when cleanliness in the school isn’t the main priority. This triggers allergies, making it more difficult for students to focus, concentrate, and enjoy their academic journey.

Fewer Student Absences

Schools take pride in their graduation rates. If your students keep getting ill from catching colds from each other, they’ll naturally be absent a lot. You don’t want your students to get sick, and you also don’t want a poor graduation rate due to a lot of absences. Cleanliness reduces student sick days.

Fewer Staff Absences

Teachers are always in close contact with their students. It’s not a secret that there are always students who go to school mildly ill, from the flu or common cold, getting other classmates sick, faculty members, and others.

Principals and admins know the disturbances that happen when they have to hire substitute teachers when others call in sick. It disrupts the method of teaching and the learning pace that the teacher had planned.

When a teacher is out for a few days or more, it causes students to get confused and fall back on work. It’s also extra costs on the school’s budget. Fewer teachers getting sick keeps studies consistent, improves student learning abilities, and cuts costs.

Enhancement Of Learning Experience

Studies have shown a direct correlation between a clean environment and learning on college campuses. A whopping 88% of the 1,481 students surveyed said that uncleanliness causes them a distraction, and 78% said cleanliness affects their health.

Cleanliness ranked 4th preceded by noise, air, lighting, and temperature. This should tell us not to assume that students don’t notice if they’re in a clean and neat place. Sometimes, their bedrooms might not be an indication of that, yet don’t let that fool you! They need to sense their campus is hygienic and pleasant to be in.

Dust From The Equipment

Equipment goes bad when it is not well-maintained. Part of the maintenance is to keep the equipment clean. Schools are full of equipment from gym equipment, desktops, laptops, tabs, and more. Add to that lots of sticky fingers that touch everything!

When it comes to electronics, accumulated dust and dirt is one of the main reasons why equipment can fail prematurely. The dust can cause overheating and jam any of the many components that go into electronic devices; another reason why cleanliness is that important.

With the pandemic of COVID-19, it’s more imperative than ever that schools and campuses make cleanliness their highest priority. Word travels fast, and a school’s reputation is based on several factors including its academic record, teacher education level, student diversity, and always having a clean atmosphere for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

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