Why Workplace Health And Safety Training Is Essential

No workplace can eliminate fully eliminate accidents and hazards, but what they can do, is minimize the number of dangers that their employees are exposed to and give them the tools to know how to handle these. This is best achieved through the use of health and safety elearning, which will give employees the tools necessary to avoid and recognize common dangers.


What Is A Health And Safety Awareness Course?

The most common type of workplace health and safety training offered by organizations are health and safety awareness courses. They cover a wide range of topics, teaching trainees how to spot potential hazards and the steps they should take when they do so.

Health and safety awareness courses will cover all of the information that employees need to know, helping organizations fulfill their statutory duties to provide those who work for them with adequate training and a safe environment to work in.

Why All Organisations Need Health And Safety Training

Certain industries are well-known as high-risk areas to work in due to the likelihood of accidents occurring such as industry, agriculture, and construction. Organizations in these sectors will, therefore, need to provide not only a basic level of health and safety training but also specialist guidance as many of the hazards faced by workers will likely be industry-specific.

Most organizations incorrectly assume that if they are an office-based venture, these same risks won’t apply to them. However, they come with their own set of hazards and health and safety issues, making training just as important for these employees too.

Of course, the most compelling reason why workplace health and safety training is essential is that organizations have a statutory obligation to provide it.

The Benefits Of Health And Safety Training

Although the provision of workplace health and safety training is a statutory obligation and its main purpose is to safeguard employees, it does also come with several business benefits.

Helps You Fulfil Your Statutory Duties

As we have already mentioned, one of the benefits of investing in health and safety training is that it will help you meet your legal obligations as an employer. Under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all organizations are legally obliged to provide their employees with health and safety training and take reasonable steps to create a safe work environment.

No Workplace Is 100% Risk-Free

Be it a construction site or an office-based venture, no business is ever truly free of risks, and each comes with their own unique hazards.  It’s unrealistic to expect that all dangers can be eliminated from a workplace, which is why it is important that individuals are trained on how to minimize, spot, and handle these when they occur. Training can also help cut down on the number of absences caused by work-related illnesses or accidents in the workplace.

Reduces Overall Business Costs

The money you invest in health and safety courses is nothing compared to the costs you will save by doing so. Because of the knock-on effect, that absence has on an enterprise, minimizing the number of accidents and injuries through proper training will prevent the loss of time and resources and the business costs associated with these.

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