Does A Yacht Make A Good Investment?

It is said that buying a boat is as good as just throwing money into the ocean. In some ways, this can seem true as yachts and boats cost money to maintain and operate and dollar after dollar is spent. However, for many people, a yacht is a great investment and an investment that pays off in many ways. Many people don’t even realize the value of a yacht until they own one.

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Super Yachts And Dinghies

When people think of a yacht everyone has a different picture in their mind. Some see great big yachts little smaller than an ocean liner; others see sailboats with just enough space for a family weekend and then there are those who see the small boat for use on the lake or lagoon as you learn to sale.

Going through the pages of any yacht website or magazine and then browsing all the yachts for sale you will find examples of all of these at prices that range for a few hundred dollars to those in the multi-million-dollar space.

Investing In A Yacht

Whether you are a family man or a wealthy billionaire investing in a yacht requires the same appreciation of some basics. The first thing is to understand what you are buying into. A yacht is not quite like buying a car, a yacht doesn’t necessarily depreciate and very often you are not so much buying a yacht as a mode of transport or tool but more a lifestyle choice.

A yacht is perhaps closer to a motorhome than a car. However, the investment in a yacht is a little more complex than a car or even motor home and you are not just buying a hull and some method of propulsion. With yacht and with sailing there is considerably more to think about in your purchase.

Cost vs Reward

Investing in a yacht needs a little thinking before you part with your cash. You can’t look at a yacht as a conventional investment where it simply earns interested or is traded like stock and shares. With a yacht, the payback is not always financial, and it comes from using the craft.

The same applies to whether your yacht is a simple weekend fun craft for the kids to sail in or one that you can cruise on the seven seas. The investment comes from what you take out of the yacht. With kids learning to sale or just a yacht used for family weekends the return is in pleasure, the spend on fuel, maintenance, mooring and the like are all paid off through enjoyment.

With the superyachts, there is a degree of the same but those who own these princesses of the sea know they become a home from home, can be leased out for others to enjoy or become a place of doing business and the returns come in a multitude of ways.  Either way, if you think about it carefully any yacht makes a great investment.

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