12 Unique Flask Designs For Your Drinking Pleasure!

I usually get a flask as a gift during Christmas. They are sent by clients and suppliers as gifts almost every year. It just puzzles me why they send one to me since I’m not really into drinking. The first time I got one, I even wondered what it was for. I looked it up and lo and behold, flasks are containers for liquor. They are small enough for one to carry around and conveniently drink from whenever one needs a quick pick-me-up.

You can even see characters in the movies carrying the small containers. They usually pour a few drops into their coffee or take a couple of sips without anyone suspecting that they had their dose for the day. Most of the flasks I’ve received I’ve given away to friends who I knew would appreciate them more. The flasks that I have gotten are mostly the same ones that you normally see in stores. They are the square silver tins with a spout that you need to twist to open. Maybe I would have kept them as a collection if they were designed like the ones I have featured in this article. Who would have thought that a simple flask could be designed in such a way that you would not even think they were flasks. If you ask me, I believe some of the designs here can be considered collector’s items. What do you think?

Flask Phones

Skull and Crossbone Poison Flask

Homer Simpson Flask

Reason – Hangover Flask

Disposable Flasks

Portside Flask

Phone Flask

Hammer Flask

Leopard Flask – Disposable Flask

Belt Buckle Flask

Camera Flask

Binocular Flask