15 Inspiring Design Quotes To Get You Through The Day [Infographic]

If you work in a creative field, you probably struggle to find your inspiration from time to time. It happens to all of us, and although the creativity and inspiration overflows on some days, on other days it is nowhere to be found. Sometimes we can find our inspiration again by just doing something very simple, like reading a quote that hits home. These are 15 design quotes from legends throughout history. If you are a creative person, and especially if you are a designer, you will love these.

I’m a firm believer that designers have one of the hardest jobs in the creative industry. Whether you are designing a logo or an entire website today, I hope these design quotes put a little pep in your step. I’m not a designer, but I can still relate to these. They will help you put things in perspective and remember why you chose to be a designer in the first place.

These design quotes come to us in the form of an infographic called 15 Inspiring Design Quotes: Wisdom From Design Legends (by glow new media). Some of these quotes aren’t even from people who are famous for being designers, yet they will still help you get out of your funk and back to creating greatness. I notice there is even one on here from Marissa Mayer when she was at Google.

The little illustrations are as fun as the design quotes themselves. I tried to choose my favorite one, but it was too difficult. I like them all. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Most of all, I hope they give you the boost of energy and inspiration you need to make it through the day! Your creativity and inspiration are part of what makes you special. It’s something nobody can ever take away from you.

Design Quotes From Design Legends

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Via: [Design Taxi]