19 Freakishly Beautiful Caricatures By Anthony Geoffroy

There are tons of sources of inspiration on the Internet. No matter what you are looking for, you can always find it there. As a designer, it can sometimes be hard to stay focused and inspired and browsing around the internet is one of the best ways to find new creative inspiration to get you going again. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about web design or anything in that genre, just something that will take your mind off things to refuel your batteries. Such a thing happened to me tonight. I was tired of all the coding and decided to take a breather.

I stumbled over the Behence Network site, which is a widely known network for painters, designers and such, and I started poking around. I usually do what I call “click linking” which means that I only follow links from each page. I don’t search for inspiration through Google for example. After a while, I started coming across moderate looking caricatures, soon I was slammed in the face with Anthony Geoffroy’s insanely beautiful caricatures.

These are some of the coolest, most colorful and well captured caricatures I have ever seen in my life. I am not exaggerating the slightest. His way of capturing each and every detail and heavily distorting it is just remarkable. His skills are beyond advanced and at first glance it looks so easy. Just a few strokes with the brush and it’s done. I don’t know if they are airbrushed, but they are truly works of art meant to be seen.

Mr. Geoffroy has focused on movie/television and music stars and among the ones he’s captured so far are Amy Winehouse, Elija Wood (Frodo), Bruce Lee, Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), Robert De Niro and Batman. If you’re searching for something inspiring and funny to look at, this is the guy to go to. Just let yourself marvel over the kilingest caricatures that are out there… simply amazing!