201 Megaman: Megaman Is Now Every Hero You Can Think Of!

Any respectable geek knows his or her Nintendo history and could probably confirm that Megaman is the definition of “mega” any day of the week. I used to play the game when I was younger, and I finished it the first time I played it. It wasn’t because I was kicking butt, but because I just couldn’t put it down until I was done. The pixelated movie’s in between levels just had you wanting more. But sadly, Megaman has had to step aside for better heroes and ones that have a lot more freedom and firepower. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if every game could feature Megaman? Well, maybe not… but that’s exactly what Chris Bringhurst thought and got to work.

His 201 Megaman 8-bit illustrations are just to die for. It’s the first time in history Megaman is packing every other super hero’s style and fashion. It’s also the first time in history Megaman makes true use of his name, and he does it in style. I am sure that any cartoon, game character or whatever hero you can think of, you will find in this no less than epic image. Can you spot all your favorite heroes? If not, make sure you add a comment and just maybe Chris will add them.

This totally had me busy for a good 20 minutes to make sure I had spotted all the ones I liked. This is detailed and 8-bit flawless, and if I wouldn’t have known better, I would totally think they were all from the same game. How about a butt kicking Homer Simpson for example? It just doesn’t get more creative than that! Brilliant!

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