25 New Nike Designs Including Twitter, Google & Michael Jackson!

We must really dig unique and geeky sneaker designs because we’ve written about them a lot here on Bit Rebels. Maybe I’m more of a dork than I thought, but when I saw these Twitter sneakers, I instantly started drooling. I would totally wear these! :)

Daniel Reese, a 21-year-old sneaker designer, takes regular Nike sneakers and turns them into works of art. In addition to Twitter, he also creates Pac-Man, The Simpsons, Google, Michael Jackson and many other custom sneakers, how cool is that?

These shoes, which sell for around $200 – $250 per pair, are only available for a limited time. According to Daniel’s website, since he only creates these on a part-time basis, he will close down his store, without notice, when he has as much work as he can handle. Then, when he finishes that batch, he will reopen again. You can purchase a pair by going here. Nice work Daniel! – If you want more Nike awesomeness, click to read more and find great deals!

Amazing Nike Pump Designs You Have To See

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    Kellie D 9 years

    Sick shoes! Scared to look at the prices but the PAC man is awesome

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    how i can get this shoes

  • comment-avatar
    Matthew Bostrom 9 years

    i want it all

  • comment-avatar
    sjad 9 years

    – Ayeee These ARE Nice Sneakers :-) ! I Want The Mario !! *hypemode*

  • comment-avatar
    Obaida 9 years

    I want the Google one

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    Nike SB Janoski Max Original 7 years

    That’s all is awesome…I need the marley..