3 Fabulously Geeky Flowers To Inspire Geek Love

Springtime always reminds me of flowers, and ’tis the season of new flowers blooming everywhere! If you are a geek, you probably enjoy traditional flowers like most people, but you also have a special fondness for a unique breed of flowers, the kind that only a true geek could appreciate.

Of course I’m talking about geeky flowers, and there is a whole species of them out there. Just like us geeks, they are a little different and a little odd. They don’t require water or sunlight to grow, and they aren’t usually delicate and fragile. Instead, they are unique, kick ass and showcase a ton of personality. Today, Forever Geek posted a complete list of these unusual flowers, which are all very geek worthy. I’m going to choose my three favorite flowers off that list to share with you. To me, these flowers beat ordinary flowers any day of the week. The best part is, they’ll live forever.

1. The Lego Rose

So you knew somewhere in the back of your mind that the first flower I would show you would have to be made with Lego, right? I’ve seen a lot of Lego flowers over the years, but this one is by far the most fabulous one yet. Flickr member wunztwice created this rose for his now wife on their first Valentine’s Day together when they were dating. This has got to be one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts ever! How sweet. I have no idea how to point you in the right direction to make a Lego rose this geeky; however, you can download the standard Lego rose directions just to get started.

Geek Flowers for Geek Girls

2. The Steampunk Daisy

This is another geeky flower inspired by love! Will Segerman made this steampunk daisy for his cousin’s wedding gift, but there is more to this geeky story. Will is known for being a creative artist, and he had previously built Blunderbow, which is a steampunk-like firing mechanism complete with a pump and bungee cord. He used the leftover parts to design this daisy. Aww… now that is truly geektastic!

Geek Flowers for Geek Girls

3. The Solar Powered Robot Flower

One of the things that makes this flower so fabulous is the picture. Stuck in Customs is an unbelievable photographer. Apparently this robot flower is famous. It is displayed in a park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is solar powered, and as the sun moves through the day, the metal petals open, close and bend. Wow, that is spectacular! You can learn more about what it was like to photograph this monster flower on the Stuck in Customs Photography Blog.
Geek Flowers for Geek Girls

Header Image Credit: [Miodrag / Shutterstock]