4 Powerful Creative Tools On One Site!

Do you want to create your own home movie? Do you want to see if you can create your own cartoon or comic strip? There is a lot of software out there that is available to you, you just need to know where you can find it. Some software is created for professional designers and movie/sound editors. However, what if you just want to try it out without having to spend so much money? I found a cool site called CREAZA. It is a site that houses four powerful creative tools in one place. The site lets you organize your creativity, tell a story, create a stunning movie and create a soundscape. No installation of software is necessary. Just log in and create.

The 4 powerful creative tools are as follows:

Mindomo – With Mindomo, you can organize and get an overview of thoughts, ideas, links, and other information visually. This is also online mind mapping.

Cartoonist – Cartoonist is an online comic tool used to create cartoons or personal digital stories consisting of professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text.

MovieEditor – MovieEditor is an online video editor to create movies, complete with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects, animation, music, and narration.

AudioEditor – AudioEditor is an online audio editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio. With Audio Editor you can produce your own audio clips and soundscapes.

I included a video so you can see for yourself how you can harness these tools and let your creativity flow.