40 Hour Doodles – These Are Not Photographs!

We have touched on the subject before here on Bit Rebels. Doodling is a common endeavor and is done on different levels by our readers and visitors. It’s not the quality of the doodling that is in many cases the focus point, it’s the reason why you’re doodling. Some people do it while they are on the phone. Some do it while they are watching TV. Some just do it to make the time go by while they are bored out of their wits, but we all do it at some point whether it is for a long period of time or just a few seconds.

For one man, doodling isn’t just a pastime. He is more dedicated to his doodling than anyone I have ever seen. He spends upwards of 40 hours on each doodle, and he manages to create stunning art that is nothing short of amazing. When you look at it, you would think it was a black and white copy of a photograph, but that’s where you are completely wrong.

Paul Lung, the artist behind these breathtaking doodles, take pride in adding details on a scale of lunacy. The way he sees light and shadows is what makes him such a perfectionist, and the doodles surely show evidence of that. When I looked at these drawings, I constantly tried to find something that gave the photograph doodle away but I just couldn’t find anything at first. Taking a closer look doesn’t really give it away, but it shows some details that resemble strokes which could be the only thing that gives it away really. In either case, I would like to see a person who can beat this level of detail, and if or when I do… I’ll be idolizing him or her for the rest of my life.