5 Interior Designs To Stay In 2019

Interior designing makes a big part of your home design and it being the perspective you will always perceive the house though, we think it is the most important part of how the house appears to the visitors as well as the people live inside the house.

Interior of the house showcases the persona of the house and represents the nature of the people it is inhabited by. There are many trends in interior designing in the modern world but not all of them are there to stay, with some being just a beautiful mess that just has to go after a walk of fame. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the top 5 design trends in interior designing, exploring each one.

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1. Compact And Multi-Functional Furniture

As the urban area expands, the rise of compact furniture that can be used for multiple purposes instead of them being dedicated for a single purpose is not one that we couldn’t predict. Yes, the houses are getting more and more compact and it is the need of the hour for the furniture to adapt to these changes too.

Furnishings that fit almost anywhere and can act as different types can dwell into any space without disturbing much of any other things’ existence are definitely in trend and will suit any types of designs, soft and subtle colors, especially slate gray, and beige. Most widely used furniture in this category are the modular shelves that can be used for multiple purposes, along with showcases and tables.

2. Statement Ceilings

Gone is the days when ceilings used to be pale and just white. We are living in the days of fancy and attracting ceilings that catch anyone’s eye, and wallpapers that used to dominate the walls with attractive and fresh colors and beautiful designs are no longer limited to walls only, with many interior designers using them extensively on ceilings.

Colorful ceilings are the ones you just can’t forget when you leave a house that had one, and not only that, but they also make the room feel larger, put a breath of fresh air into the house and can be decorated with paints, wallpapers or even lacquered or molded covered ceilings.

3. Curved Furniture

With so many changes to the interior fashion industry and interior designing trends, one that is definitely going to stay for upcoming years and more so in 2019 is the introduction of curved furniture. Leaving behind just the squared edges and rectangular form factors of traditional furniture, we are seeing more and more designs of curved furniture, and they all look stunning!

The curved furniture goes well with many of themes that you might have already implemented in your house, so no game-changing makeovers are necessary to adapt these curved furniture pieces and hence it won’t leave a big hole in your wallet either.

Having the superior elasticity of being able to fit into any existing style or theme, the curved furniture will be a great replacement of any type of pre-existing furniture if you are looking to change something in your house without disturbing anything or doing a full make-over.

4. Eco-Friendly Themed Furniture And Walls

With more and more news being on the rise in the most worrying subject of our generation-the nature suffering, this is one trend that is need of the hour really. Live plant walls are one of the most trending interior design choices we are seeing and that goes without saying that a green touch here and there won’t spoil any theme, but will add an eco-friendly touch to whatever you have put on your wall.

We are always happy to see products and design ideas that look more natural, are more and more ease on the eye and contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment. Hence, eco-friendly furniture and interior designing material are being widely accepted and this trend is going nowhere for the next few years for sure.

5. Canvas Prints

If you are looking to make use of that empty space on your wall or just have moved into a new house that is like a blank canvas and doesn’t know where to start, you can start with any theme or idea or just a picture and print on canvas.

This being very economic, having a wide variety of shapes and sizes of the canvas, frames to suit any of your needs, the developing trend of interior designs with canvas prints on the wall are here to stay for a long time.

You can print just anything, a memory filled photo of your loved ones, an idol’s inspirational and motivational picture or just the peace-filled nature with great accuracy that will make the canvas alive. In summary, 2019 is a very exciting year to be alive in, and the interior design styles are no exception at all.

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