A Creative Way To Identify Your Suitcase When Traveling

It seems like when we travel, a lot of us carry black suitcases, right? I have a set of beautiful black leather luggage that is my favorite.

Sometimes it’s hard to spot which luggage is ours at baggage claim, right? With so many pieces that look almost identical, we really have to double check that we pick up the right ones. I’ve seen old ladies that put big knitted pink fluff balls on theirs so they can identify them quickly.

The people at The Cheeky have come up with a very creative and fun way to identify our monotonous black luggage. Check out these suitcase stickers. These are great! You can choose from packs of cocaine, a bunch of cash, a kidnapped woman or some sex toys. Of course, you run the risk of making airport officials angry. What the heck, a full body search can’t be that bad, right? :) You can learn more about these here.