A Delicious Dinner That’s Smaller Than Your Finger!

Kim Burke is hot right now, and it’s no wonder. Mini-designs and food art are the trend, and she combines both of them beautifully. The more I look at these, the more I’m in the mood to cook something yummy!

I remember the first time I was ever introduced to itty-bitty food art was when Richard wrote about the “World’s Tiniest Pastries.” That article featured the incredible tiny food sculptures of Stephanie Kilgast. Today I want to share with you another insanely talented mini-food artist named Kim Burke.

She creates these miniatures from FIMO polymer clay. When she begins sculpting, the clay is very cold. When she is finished, she bakes it. If it weren’t for the fingers in these images, it would be hard to believe how tiny they truly are. The realism blows me away. For example, you can even see tiny pieces of tomato and onion in her guacamole, which in itself is smaller than a fingernail. Wow, talk about portion control! You can watch a short video below to see for yourself how she adds the realistic touch to a piece of tiny clay cake. You can also learn more about Kim by visiting her Flickr, her Etsy store and her page on deviatART. Brilliant work!

Image Credit: [Who Designed It]