A Mix of Reality and Illusion | Animation by Evelein

The Noteboek is one of my favorite work from Evelein Lohbeck. She is a freelance artist from Netherland and her work is truly remarkable.  As she says she likes to confuse reality and challenge the expectation of people.  Viewing her portfolio, she has a done some T shirt designs, flyers, commercial and my favorite her collection of animation and films.  I love the way she has put so much emphasis on detail.  The strokes are deliberate and the sounds  sync well with the visual, thus making  it  very realistic.  You can see very clearly that the elements are hand drawn and yet the way it was filmed you would say it was real.  Very cool mix of reality and illusion.  Check out the show reel and I am sure you will be amazed with her work too.

View her other works HERE.