A New Steampunk Font & Texture

I thought I would share this new steampunk font and texture resource that I discovered while researching another project from the type foundry, Fontcraft the Scriptorium. I have been purchasing their typography for awhile now to use in unique projects from the site of Dave Nalle who is a game designer, editor and historian. As their site describes, “They specialize in thematic packages of historic fonts based on specific artistic periods or design movements packaged together with licensed borders and art in the same style.”

Yes, their site is a little mom and pop in functionality design, but you can tell their passion and hearts are in the right place inside the field of typography design. So, I give them a pass on their on website design. Bit Rebels has many readers who love steampunk in general. While we have all seen the transition of steampunk into fashion design, jewelry design, industrial design and others, it is gaining some popularity in the graphic design world too.

The team at Fontcraft has translated the steampunk style into backgrounds and typography for designers like me to use in juicy projects. There is an overview article on the Scriptorium blog about the history of the movement that you could check out. What I have always loved about this style are the layers and use of different textures, parts, surfaces, substrates and materials in a way that is artful, often mysterious, and for me, really beautiful in a cool way. Like for many people, viewing steampunk design really taps into the artist side in me. There is such beauty in something often seen as practical, mathematical and mechanical with a different sensibility.

While I don’t always love every font or every texture in the Fontcraft collections, I think there is something here that will appeal to a variety steampunk fans. Here are some of my favorites from the new collection.



Via: [Fontcraft the Scriptorium]