A Rainbow Colored Miracle of Nature to Inspire Your Day

There is nothing like a miracle of nature to put life in perspective. Certain kinds of trees are perfect examples. They patiently grow bigger and stronger over many decades while surviving all types of weather. They never give up or consider a life that doesn’t reach for the sun.

The Redwood tree is an inspiring example of this persistence and longevity. It can live up to 2,500 years and get so big you cannot even see the whole thing. If you are unfamiliar with the Redwood tree, I wrote about it here. Another example of the mind-blowing tenacity and beauty in nature is the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. The pictures below look like an artist painted these trees with beautiful pastel colors. However, those colors appear on the bark of these trees naturally!

There is a cycle of color that this tree transitions through. As the bark sheds, that part of the tree will first turn blue, then orange, purple and maroon. Since different parts of the tree shed at different times, the bark is in different stages of the coloring process, which creates this rainbow effect. This tree is found in the northern hemisphere and is cultivated for white paper, which I know is necessary, but it still breaks my heart.

[via: kuriositas]