Add Life To Your Bookshelves – Design Inspiration

I love to read books when I can. I can finish a good book that I like in one sitting. My sister, Gerry, loves reading too. She keeps a large number of books in her room. She just bought an e-reader when we were in the US, and she loves it. Now she no longer has to add to her very big book collection. I have some books too, that after reading, I keep around and often times go back to reread. I also have lots of reference books that I keep close by just in case I need inspiration.

There are a lot of ways to dress up your bookshelves. You can use unique elements for your bookends or create bookshelves that are out of the ordinary. Thanks to this cool site Holy Cool, I have discovered that you can actually spruce up your reading area or bookshelves with unique elements that I have included in the post below. These are fun things that you can recreate or buy. All you need is a splash of creativity and a dash of inspiration.

Main Image Source – My Favorite Book Shop

Animal Index Divider

Bend It Bookends

Duett Bookends

Flybrary Bookshelf

Book Frame