Admit It, You’d Pin This & Wear It

Are you tired of the Pinterest wave of blog posts yet? How to market your business on, make the most of your biz on, how to use Pinterest, blah blah blah. Can you tell I am cranky and need a good laugh today? Be nice, I am not that unpleasant. When I am bored and need a jolt, quick creative vibes, a good laugh or a right brain moment from my people, I go to Google+. Do you agree that people on Google+ are way more fun than those over on facebook? Ahem, back to my point. I got a good laugh today via Simon Salt when he posted a photo of a man wearing a t-shirt design that says, “Admit it, you’d pin this!”.

I almost laughed out loud, and then I thought, who the heck would wear that? Followed up with my next thought that he’d better be hot (from my perspective and definition)! Honestly, I think Jim Parson’s character Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper should wear this t-shirt design on The Big Bang Theory in one episode – it could be hilarious.

Seriously though, I believe more men should use Pinterest, not only because of the benefits from maximizing it to increase sales of things but because selfishly I would like to see less home decor and food porn when visiting Pinterest. Do men really spend time pinning food photography? I digress. You can only look at so much of this stuff right? Well, of course, I am generalizing because visuals do get pretty rich if you follow interesting people. I am constantly changing how I use Pinterest, and I try to follow boards that I define as worthy of the Pinterest time suck.

arms body clothing shirt

Via: [Simon Salt Google Plus]