Adobe Photoshop CS5: The First Review

Every designer has been waiting for the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 to see what it has to offer. There has yet to be a nice review of this new and updated software because it just came out about a week ago and people are still trying to master all the new features, and there are a lot of them in there. Photoshop CS5 is updated with features like Content Aware Fill, Complex Selection Made Easy, Puppet Warp, Superior HDR Imaging, Efficient Workflow, Better Media Management, 3D Extrusions With Adobe Repoussé, State Of The Art Raw Image Processing, Enhanced 3D Realism And Rich Materials and Faster Performance Across Platforms. As you can see, the new update is just packed with new cool features to ease your workflow and add even more power to your designer skills.

However, don’t expect to master these features by the end of the first day you try it out. Nope, the power that lies within them is far greater and on a different level than what has been included before, and it is bound to take at least a few days to get through it all and understand it. In no way is that a bad thing though. It’s just because the new features and some of the older ones have been updated with more options and more creative power.

Mastering these new features is sure to bring your designs to an entirely new level and you can expect, if you’re determined enough to get through these different tools, that you will be able to create designs far better than anything you have previously done.

The scale of things in the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 is just huge. The full version of this titan:ish tool is $999 for the Extended and $1,899 for the Premium. If you’re going for an update, which most designers probably will, it will set you back just an easy $349 for the Extended and $599 for the Premium.