Adopt A Bot: Junk Bots Get A New Chance To Shine

The time of the personal robots is coming, we all know that. But for now, they are not intelligent enough to do the things we really want them to do. They are not very cost effective either. However, with technology always advancing, there is no doubt that we will all eventually have our own robot helping us out at home, in the office or with whatever chore we put them on. So what are we going to do until that day arrives? Just sit idle and wait? I don’t think so. What you could really do is get inspired. Get into that mindset of actually having a robot at home, and at the same time, you can help the environment get back in shape again.

Adopt A Bot is the perfect way to get in shape for the robot revolution that about to unleash itself upon the world. It’s a project drummed up and developed by designer Brian Marshall. Brian decided to take on the task of minimizing the land fills around the world (or at least as much as he could help) and started creating what I tend to call junk bots. They are small adorable bots created out of spare junk metal pieces which are brought to life again for another chance to shine.

His bots are of course for sale at the, once again, awesome store Etsy. As the project continues, you will find that there will be more and more awesome creations in there for you to check out. Why not create your very own bot army at home? After all, you’ll be doing a little thing for the environment, that as a whole, will change the world just a little at a time. Totally adorable creations! Awesomeness defined.

These little badboys will set you back $20 all the way up to $245 for the largest ones. It’s a small price to pay for the inspiration of changing our sick planet in to a better world.