Airbrushed Feet Artistry – For The Foot Lover In You

Body-painting art is so fascinating, especially when it creates an optical illusion. Craig Tracy is a master of this, and if you would like to check out some of his work, you can do that here. Tonight I stumbled across another type of body painting that also creates an illusion.

Look closely at the pictures below. Each one of these pictures is of a painted bare foot. These feet have been airbrushed by Temptu Paints to create the appearance of shoes on actual feet. There is no photoshop work done here. I am amazed at how realistic these look!

Temptu Paints is a company that specializes in special effects makeup, temporary tattoos, and body art. John Maurad and Jenai Chin are the artists that painted the feet below for an article in New York Magazine. Something tells me that having Christian Louboutin heels painted on would be so much more fun than actually wearing those heels. I wonder how long it took to paint each one of the feet. I bet it tickled!

As long as we are talking about optical illusions involving feet, check out this picture below. Do you know what that is? Haha! It is the back of a woman’s feet; those are her heels. Yeah, I know what you thought; I did at first too. :)

Thank you!