Alice In Wonderland – The Psychedelic Version

I guess the new Alice In Wonderland movie starring Johnny Depp hasn’t slipped anyone’s mind. The huge blockbuster is just packed with special effects and computer generated graphics, even though the two sometimes goes hand in hand. With almost $900 million in revenue, it’s the second biggest 3D and CG movie of all time and it has not yet gone off the repertoire in most cinemas. It’s safe to say its huge success is a spin off of our childhood memories of the book.

But the movie wasn’t enough for one very talented artist, so he had to put his own touch on things. The movie is certainly weird and makes us all go bonkers for the odd and wonderful imagination portrayed in it. However, for Artur Sadlos it wasn’t odd and wonderful enough. He just had to get to another level of weirdness so he started doodling. Before long, he had his very own take on the characters inhabiting Wonderland.

Mr. Sadlos’ master talented interpretation is way more psychedelic and brings forth another dimension of the characters personalities in a brilliant and playful way. He even went ahead and got his friend to create a 3D model of Alice herself. It’s wonderfully detailed, however ultimately different. I wonder how it all would have played out if Johnny Depp were to play with these characters as his companions and enemies. I guess we’ll never know, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t get any weirder than this! And frankly… I love it!