All Women are Heroes | Beautiful Art in Paris

Recently, something very special happened in Paris. French artist JR, along with many volunteers, covered buildings, trains, rooftops and walls with huge photos of women, a total of 70 of them, who he wanted to pay tribute too. He wanted everyone to remember these women as heroes. All of the photos were black and white, made out of paper, and taken during wars.

At first the locals were amused and entertained by the new scenery. However, soon they were annoyed and they started to pull pieces off as they walked by. Soon the photographs didn’t look like a tribute at all anymore, they looked like a big mess and city workers had to come and wash them off with their big hoses.

The whole thing makes me cry. It just goes to show how fleeting life truly is and how time does not stop for anyone, not even a hero. According to YouTube, “Voici en exclusivité, le film de 6 minutes résumant le sens et limpact de lexposition Paris Ile Saint Louis par lartiste JR. Il présente les étapes du collage – décollage de Women are Heroes, un projet qui met en scène des portraits de 70 femmes prises à travers le monde.”

I truly believe in my heart that all women are heroes, and I dedicate this article to every woman. We are lovers, fighters, mothers, children, wives, grandmothers and genuine sources of happiness and love in this world. I celebrate you all and I hope you know how special you truly are.

Uploaded by JR. – Independent web videos.